Memberships & Fees

Adapt has a range of different membership options to suit a variety of different budgets, including memberships for: 

  • Personal Training & Small Group Training
  • CrossFit Group Classes
  • Remote Coaching
  • Drop-In Rates (for athletes visiting from another CrossFit Affiliate); and
  • Nutrition Coaching

Personal Training

private coaching

Starting from 




  • Maximum Attention. Maximum Results
  • training tailored to your individual needs
  • ongoing lifestyle guidance, support and accountability



*Visiting from another CF Affiliate?




  • Contact us to let us know when you plan to drop in
  • Fill out our online waiver; and purchase a single or weekly pass
  • TRAIN; then leave a review on Google

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

About Our Memberships & Fees

Q: Do You Offer A FREE Trial?

At Adapt, we pride ourselves on providing our members with the best coaching and workout experience in Canberra

Throwing someone new into a class (for a free trial), that they may not be ready for, is totally irresponsible and just isn't the right way to help someone reach their goals or respect the rest of the class

Q: Do You Offer Twice A Week Memberships

It's really hard to get results via CrossFit (or any fitness program for that matter) when you only committing to 2 days per week -> "minimum commitment = minimum results"

Our memberships are unlimited and offer newbies the opportunity to start with 2 or 3 sessions a week and work their way towards the ultimate prescription of 5 to 6 sessions per week

Q: Do You Offer a Student/First Responder Discount?

We consider our rates to be quite competitive. We also take a strong stance on having the best coaching and member experience….not the cheapest

We do not offer discounts for police, fire, students and this makes it fair across the board - no one is in a place where they feel lesser or disrespected