July 24

Meet The Members: Jo Beams


Recently, Coach Julia sat down to interview one of Adapt’s (newer) members: Jo Beams, to find out more about one of the most capable CrossFit ladies you’ll ever meet – check it out!

1. What do you do for a living? 

I’m a nurse, who’s worked in cancer care most of my career.

2. How long have you been CrossFitting for?

5 and a half years now – wow!

3. What’s your favourite movement or workout?

I really like most movements, even burpees and thrusters 🙂 I find thinking of each movement in a positive way helps to improve on it, so I try not to have favourites.  

But I definitely have favourite workouts – I love a chipper workout and EMOM’s are the best – because hopefully, you get a sneaky rest before the next minute.

4. What’s your biggest accomplishment since you started training at Adapt?

After moving to Canberra, which was a whirlwind, having lived in Tassie all my life and leaving family behind, I needed to get straight back into training.  Within 2 weeks of the move, I was at Adapt, back at training and it felt like home. 

It’s been great getting to know the coaches, my fellow crossfitters and just how supportive and friendly the vibe is.

5. What gets you going outside of CrossFit – eg. what do you do for fun?

I’m a real outside girl – so I love to go for walks, play in the water, ride a bike, go camping and move.  I’m not keen on being stationary and my body doesn’t like it either.  The move to Canberra is great for exploring new places.    

6. How about training goals? Any weaknesses you’re working on?

I always have training goals – at the moment, I’m working on my OH position and getting “tight” in my gymnastics.  I don’t take myself too serious – I want to keep it fun!

7. Paleo, Macros, Keto or Vego? What do you do for nutrition?

I did the whole30 a few years back and I discovered the paleo style diet worked best for me.  I have very little sugar in my diet.  Since my move I have allowed some gluten and some diary slip into my diet but I don’t stress about it – I know it is just part of the big changes I’ve had and I will get back on track. 

I’ve found nutrition is also about your mindset – seeing it as a literal part of your training – and if I’m not feeling good during my training then maybe I should be being more committed in the kitchen.  I don’t pay myself out for “bad” eating – I just say lets do better!

8. Fave workout tunes?

Can’t beat the 90’s, pumping out some loud tunes is best!

9. Do you have any “up until recently” strongly-held beliefs that have changed – eg. you used to believe A but now, you believe B – and why?

Well… since joining Adapt there have been a few times I’ve doubted myself and my ability, but the coaches haven’t, they’ve said “Jo I’ve seen you do this so you can do this movement”. 

I know when doubt gets in my head it often wins, but that overwhelming confidence and belief from my coaches has seen me succeed – and beat that voice in my head. 

It’s been great and now for example when I see bar MU in the workout I’m like – hey you got this.  That’s a huge win! I really have a new take on that “commit to the movement”.

10. What advice would you give to someone thinking about starting CF but is too scared?

Crossfit is really for anyone who wants to take control of their health and life – it gives you the opportunity to really make a lifestyle change that will bring you results in all areas of your life.  There is no prerequisite of fitness just a willingness to be better than yesterday. 

One of the key things for me, having worked out at globo gyms prior, is just how much support there is, from coaches and the whole box.  The only thing is -once you try it, be prepared you will become obsessed, the variety at crossfit means you will never get bored – 5 years on and everyday is still a surprise! 

Most of all it is such great FUN, a great place to unwind and destress, so just have a GO! 

~ Jo

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