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Let’s Pretend Your Body Is A Race Car…


This is actually a repost of a blog article I wrote back in 2013. I’ve updated a couple of parts including a pic of the very sexy Audi RS4 (yes, this is the car I’d have if I could afford it) but it’s still extremely relevant

Pretend for a second that your body is a race car. Maybe you’re Lightning McQueen from the movie Cars (It’s an old movie but most people have seen it…) For this to work I’m assuming that A: everyone that goes to the gym want’s to be the very best they can be; and B: While your current incarnation of a race car may resemble a beat-up, old ford, you’re still aiming at becoming a spanky Porsche GT3 down the track.

If you want your car (body) to win races, there are probably a couple of things worth considering…

Practice everyday

To win a race you need to know the bends, the twists and turns of the track, when to go “pedal to the metal” and when to touch the brakes so you don’t crash into a barrier.

Every day you train is practice. Practice for life. To train everyday is to know your body. You practice the movements over and over – Position 1, GO. Position 2, then to position 1, GO – drop under the bar fast.

You get to refine your approach every time you move. If you’re doing a metcon there’s going to be days you can push hard and on other days, you’re just going to have to dial it back. This is the journey. It’s the ebb and flow of training. Learn to enjoy it because it’s what you’re going to have to do for the rest of your days if you want to live a long, strong and awesome life.

Please take the advice from the coaches. Don’t just look at us, smile and nod when we ask you to do something. Take in what we’re actually trying to say and make the necessary changes to the movement and/or workout you’re doing. If you find it hard to focus and get it right in a group setting – book in for some 1:1 coaching.

Fuel for performance

You wouldn’t put diesel fuel in a car designed for premium unleaded – It would ruin the engine.

No, I’m not telling you that you need to eat strict paleo 24/7, 365 days a year (although it might) but it does mean you need to eat in a way that will fuel your performance and speed your recovery.

If you’ve got any goals for becoming a better athlete then you are right now (and you train here so of course you do) you’ll need to remember it all starts with food.

Everyone’s different so it may not be a case of going strict Paleo to get a better Fran time. But it wouldn’t hurt to find out if that IS the case?!

If you’ve tried playing with your diet and don’t think your functioning at 100% Book in for a PT to chat about your nutrition You’d be amazed how much better you can feel and can perform just by switching up a couple of things in your diet.

Get regular tune-ups (chiro, physio and massage)

Cars that win races have fantastic support teams of mechanics, auto-electricians, suspension and tire guys that are always tweaking and tuning the car for increased performance. 

Think of the coaches as your team managers. Think of chiros and physios as your pit crew. Think of your massage therapists as the rest of your awesome support network. Without these guys as part of your team it’s going to be hard to win races. You need us to get the best out of your car.

If you never saw a chiro or physio before you started CrossFitting – it’s only because you never knew you needed to. If your body’s a race car (and it is) there’s a chance, over the course of training that something may go out of alignment and/or become stressed. Continuing to train through this (miss-alignment) can often lead to structural imbalances – e.g. you allow one side of your body to compensate for the misaligned side (for too long) and then the whole thing (your body) goes out of whack – big time…

If you’ve got some niggling pain or think you’ve seriously busted (injured) something – but haven’t actually gone to get a professional diagnosis – then you’re a goose. As much as the coaches love scaling your workouts (we don’t really) because you’ve got a “sore” shoulder or your calf is “playing up” – we could help you so much more by prescribing exercises and movements that work towards rehabilitating your injured area or imbalance. We can only do that if we’ve got an actually diagnosis to go on (and no, that’s not you telling us you “think” you’ve done this or that…) Help us to help you.

Good Mechanics fix cars – if your car isn’t getting fixed: find another mechanic.

If you’ve been regularly seeing a chiro, physio or massage therapist and your condition isn’t improving – I’ve just gotta ask the question: “why do you keep going back?”

Just about everyone has at one time in their life owned a car. At one time or another you would have had to get that car serviced. Some mechanics are awesome and some aren’t. Some are just plain useless. If you’ve taken your car in to get fixed and got it back only to realise that nothing’s been fixed would you seriously go back to the same guy? No really?

Treat your body the same. If you’re currently seeing a therapist (chiro, physio, massage therapist) and A: there hasn’t been a clear diagnosis of your symptoms/injury and B: your condition isn’t getting any better, it might be time to go and find another mechanic. It’s too expensive not to. L’Oreal Ad alert: Do it “Because you’re worth it…”

Side notes

Private Health Cover – Get it

If you don’t have Health Cover (more specifically extra’s cover) but see yourself continuing with CrossFit, I think it’s something that you should definitely consider. Having regular tune-ups is part of being a CrossFitter and you get to claim every single session – massage, chiro, and physio.  It’s a no brainer.

Can’t afford to see a professional? Speak To Your Coach

I understand that times are tight and if for some reason you cannot afford health cover extras and/or you can’t afford to go and see a decent health professional, then it is absolutely essential that you come and speak to the coaches (do this as a 1:1). This will enable us to put together a bit of a “substitute play book” for you – e.g. figure out a way to consistently replace movements that aggravate your condition with substitute movements that will give you the same training effect.

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