November 8

Joshua Burke – Why I Choose CrossFit


If you're a CrossFitter, then there's a high likelihood that one of your friends has asked you why

I”˜ve been asked that question dozens of times, and I've got a straightforward answer: Because it works for me and I've gotten the results I wanted.

But here's the thing - I wasn't always into CrossFit...

Before I started training at Adapt (oh so many years ago) I had gotten sick of being overweight, and I loved the martial arts, so I joined a taekwondo school

Eventually it got to a stage where I wanted to compete,  I weighed more than I wanted to, so I signed up to a 24 hour fitness gym to try and get some extra work done on my cardio and strength - this didn't work out so well as I had no real idea about what I was doing

One of my taekwondo buddies suggested that instead of just going to a regular gym (and becoming a ”˜Bro') I should come and join the Crossfit gym that he was training at

I was a little hesitant at first, having heard rumours that Crossfit was dangerous, involving god knows what sort of exercises that I'd never heard of before - what the hell is a snatch?

Thankfully he kept at me to come along and give it a go, and eventually, I folded and came to watch a class to see what it was he was on about

There was lots of running and some wall balls and a few other movements, and I thought "yeah, I could do that..."

After going through my fundamentals session with Sean (one of the OG Adapt coaches) I graduated into classes and man, was it a shock to the system - I had never worked that hard during a taekwondo class?! EVER 

After a couple of months, I was hooked, the rush after a solid workout and the #gainz I saw were incredible - I slimmed up and stacked on muscle

After three months of training just Crossfit I went back to my taekwondo classes, and of course, my first session back was sparring (practice fights)

  • I smoked everyone I came up against.
  • I fought 5-6 rounds and had no problems keeping up with everyone I worked with (usually things would've started slowing down around the 3 round mark)

After my first real tournament, I realised that I wasn't cut out for the sport of taekwondo - I was a little too slow and nowhere near flexible enough

So I decided to commit to Crossfit and see where things went, I was good at the lifting side of things and OK at gymnastics

After 5 years I'm still at it, and I've even joined the coaching team - I've been doing that for a couple of years now

Just like any sport, you get the occasional niggle and strain - actually, if you do stupid stuff,  you can get injured - Go read my last article on why I tweaked my back and how I dealt with i

CrossFitter for life? 

At this point in time, I don't think that I will ever stop doing Crossfit

I may go and learn how to train like a strongman or expand my knowledge on gymnastics and Olympic weightlifting, but I'm sure that I will always come back to Crossfit for the simple fact: it works 

Now you might be a CrossFitter or maybe you're not. Regardless of your training style, do you love it? and if so why? 

I love finding out why people do what they do so if you'd like to share your WHY with me, leave a comment and let me know 😉

Wishing you the best (in training & life),

PS: If you don't CrossFit but would like to find out how to get started - Contact Us


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