How to get the most out of what you already have (or are currently paying for)

Have you ever sold anything big?

When I say big, I’m talking about selling your car or your house

Don’t you think it’s crazy that we tend to spruce everything up just before we sell it?

We do it because it adds value – we do it, to attract prospective buyers – they’ll spend more if the house or car looks like it’s worth more (and THE someone who lived in it, loved and looked after it)

We’ve got some friends that recently sold their house – and we had dinner with them just before they moved out

They’d been living there for almost 20 years and even though it was an incredible home, there was a couple of things they’d never got around to doing – a wall or two needed paint, old curtains, a missing railing from their staircase, and a rundown cubby house in the backyard, all needed work

To make their property more appealing for sale, they did fix everything up – they painted the walls, added a railing for the stairs, replaced the curtains and even moved and freshened the cubby house out the back

As we sat around the dinner table, sharing a meal and some good wine, we all marvelled at how beautiful (and complete) the house now presented – and wondered why they hadn’t done that sooner – Becca and I could remember doing exactly the same thing before we sold our house?

The crazy thing is this, all those fixes and updates, the sprucing and the touch-ups – could have been made while we actually lived there – then we would have been able to sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labour – e.g. sitting out in the backyard of your very attractive home, with well manicured gardens, having a beer (or the drink of your choice) thinking “oh yeah… this is the life”

I think most of us tend to do this – we make excuses for not fixing up what we currently have – e.g.

  • There’s too much on
  • I’m too tired
  • It’s just not a priority right now
  • I just couldn’t be bothered

But when it comes to parting with or selling something, we tend to seek value (or at least, seek to improve the value of that something, for higher resale) and there’s a mad last minute rush to do all the work that could have already been done while it was ours – crazy

OK, so where are you heading with all of this?

In the gym – Your house is your body

One of the things we get to watch, as people get bored with the gym is what happens after they cancel their membership

They let us know of their intention to leave and determined to squeeze out every last drop of value, they attend every day for their final two weeks

Once again, the crazy thing is that if they’d committed themselves to that level of attendance 12 months prior – I’d guarantee they’d be so much further along

Maybe they wouldn’t be quitting at all – maybe they’d be signing up for comps, trying new sports, and coming in for extra sessions to develop more advanced skills – who knows?

The things is this: we all do it – Becca and I did it with our house, I recently sold my Hilux and just after cleaning and polishing it – I drove it around thinking “Damn this truck is pimp – why didn’t I keep it this clean when I wasn’t trying to sell it?!”

A challenge

It could be your house, your car, or your gym membership – Pretend that you’re about to part ways

You want to wring every last little drop of value out, right?

What would it look like to spruce up what you currently have?

Imagine what you could achieve if you spent from now until the end of the year, training like it was your last two weeks?

  • how many sessions would you attend each week?
  • how hard would you push in each session?
  • would you be more coachable?
  • would you dial in your nutrition to support your training?

Wouldn’t it be great if come Christmas/New Years – you really were closer to where you wanted to be at the start of 2018? Imagine what that would feel like?!

Then you’d be able to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour – proud of your efforts and the work you’ve put in – the weight you lost, the movement you finally nailed, or being closer to the body you always wanted

There are heaps of different pieces of the puzzle when it comes to getting the most out of your health and fitness journey, and this one only dawned on me, over dinner with friends – I hope it (the concept) helps you?

Finishing the year #likeaboss

If you’re not sure what you need to do, to get where you want to go – then that’s what Josh, Nate, Becca and myself are here for 😉

We can show you what you need to do between now and the end of the year to move closer to your athletic and lifestyle goals – trust me, it’s not too late to get some runs on the board

Hit the reply button and let me know what’s on your mind, what’s blocking your path, and perhaps we can organise a 1:1 to help you work out a plan to get the most out of the next few months

All the best,