May 11

Hang In There, We’re inching closer to reopening


Hopefully, you would have seen ScoMos’ 3-step plan to reopen Australia – yeah nah yeah?

Unfortunately, individual states and territories are easing their restrictions as each local government sees fit – which means that we’ll be allowed to open when ’they’ say we can – and not one day before….

As a small business owner who was one of the first to have to close their physical location, I can tell you that “I’m over it”

I was “over it” 3 weeks ago and while we may have pivoted to offer our services online, I’m not the only one thinking “it’s just not the same…”

If you’ve been struggling to get motivated to workout by yourself, or join one of our online video classes – trust me, you’re not alone

I’ve battled for motivation to train. I’ve got the programming. I’ve got the gear – But there’s been days that I just don’t have the drive 🙁

I’m up. I’m down. I’m frustrated and I’m stressed out by the unknown – “yes, we’ll be able to reopen eventually… yeah but when?!”

We’re almost there, people (don’t give up now)

Last week I hit a low point – I broke down while on a video call – my emotions overcame me and ended up breaking down and crying in front of one of my clients (and friends)

I’m not the only one who’s over it – cracks are forming and I’m seeing them everywhere

People are opting out of morning, lunchtime and evening video classes – and I get it

People are over the awkwardness and the technology of a video class.

People are over the hassle of working out alone.

We’re all asking “how much longer is this going to go on for?”

As gross as and awkward as the current situation is, I’d ask you to hang in there – and here’s why…

Hope – we need each other

I worked out with one of my homies over the weekend. He came to the gym for a 1:1 PT session and we ended up doing a team workout together.

I’m not going to say if we practiced social distancing or didn’t share the same barbell – but I will tell you we both needed it

Not the workout. But the communion with another human being

We needed to know that we could still be potent – that we had what it took to overcome a task that would have been insurmountable on your own

At the end of our session, exhausted and sweaty – we both felt rejuvenated

It was exactly “what the doctor ordered”

An invitation

Becca, Josh and myself are still running 1:1 PT sessions

If you’re one of my crew and haven’t yet booked in for this month’s PT session with me – or you’re feeling like you’re ready to call it on CrossFit or this weird online version of fitness training we’re having to deal with…

Book in your PT sesh and let’s do the biggest, stupidest workout that you’ve always wanted to do (or never done before) – and let’s do it together!

Let’s uncover your capacity to deal with discomfort and overcome a monster workout – let me show you that you’ve still got it 😉

I guarantee it’ll help you realise that you can indeed get through this shitty time because we’re in this together!

All the best,


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