June 18

Get Your Training Mojo Back This Week by Training with a Crew



Ever feel like you’ve lost your mojo?

you used to train all the time and now… well it’s been a good couple of weeks since your last session

Winter is upon us and let’s be honest – it’s bitterly cold outside – if you’re a human like the rest of us, chances are, you’re naturally drawn to what’s most comfortable –

training first thing in the morning is hard // hitting the snooze button and staying in your cozy, warm bed is easy

wrapping up your day with a session at the gym is hard // checking out for the day, in front of [GOT] show in your climate controlled loungeroom is easy

we never said it was going to be easy

simple yes. easy no.

there are 100s of reasons as to why you need to train on the regular but it’s easy to forget when it gets cold of life gets on top of you

if you’re battling to get back into the gym – you might (definitely) need a crew

  1. Choose your coach and your crew – what time do you want to train each day?
  2. How many times do you want to train this week – 3-4?5-6?
  3. Book it in and block it out in your diary
  4. Make it (training) one of your non-negotiable
  5. Show up and let us take care of the rest


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