Group Classes (CrossFit)

We’ve been CrossFitting since 2009 and sincerely believes in the CrossFit Methodology to increase one’s physical and mental capacity through “constantly varied, functional movements performed at high intensity”

Adapt runs over 25 group CrossFit classes per week – You can view our schedule here

Each CrossFit class runs for an hour and is usually structured as outlined below:

  1. a warm up – 5-10 mins – think skipping, stretching (dynamic) and an unloaded barbell warmup of some description
  2. strength or Olympic Lifting work – 10-20 mins – think 5×5 back squats or a working up to a max snatch; and then
  3. a metcon (metabolic conditioning) – think interval weight training (some lifting based movement + bodyweight movement + cardio); then
  4. a cool down – eg. a ‘cash-out’ style movement/s and/or some stretching

A little bit more on how we run things…

I’m always trying to put into words what I think of this place and our increbible community –

Group Class Prerequisites

If you’re new to CrossFit then it’s vital that you complete our Fundamentals Sessions before joining our group classes.

If you’ve recently moved to Canberra and/or you’re coming from another CrossFit Affiliate then all you’ll have to do is book in for a testing session