Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Answering Your Questions, Gym Rules & Athlete Agreement

Group Classes

Q. How many sessions do you run each week?
A. If you haven’t already checked out our weekly schedule, we run 30 sessions per week.

Q. How big are your sessions?
A. Most sessions range from 10 – 20 people

Monthly Memberships

Q. Can I just pay for a casual visit at the drop in rate?
A. No. We only offer that to people who are visiting from another licensed affiliate.

Q. Can I get credit or refund for missed group class sessions?
A. No. Your fees are treated as tuition.

Q. What is your cancellation policy for monthly memberships?
A. Adapt doesn’t do contracts. So if after a month you’ve figured out that CrossFit isn’t for you, you can cancel your membership. However if you decide to cancel your membership you will need to give 10 days notice in writing (via email)

Q. I’m heading off on holidays, can you put my membership on hold?
A. Yes. We are able to put your membership on hold, but only for 1 full month. We do not offer 1/2 monthly payments. eg. if you’re only away for 2 weeks then it is what it is. As above you will need to give 10 days notice in writing if you would like to place your membership on hold*

Q. I train at another box (in another city/suburb). Can I drop in on a class?
A. Sure you can. Get in touch with us to let us know when you’re thinking about dropping in. Our drop in rate is $25. You can pay via Eftpos or bring the cash with you.

Terms & Conditions

Athletes Agreement

On engaging in a membership with Adapt CrossFit I will Agree to the following terms and conditions;

  1. Adhere to all gym rules and coaches instruction at all times.
  2. Show respect to other athletes and Coaches.
  3. Membership fees will be paid one month in advance on the 1st of each month.
  4. Any dishonour fees caused by incorrect bank details or insufficient funds will be charged directly to your account.
  5. Provide at least 10 days written notification of membership pause or cancellation.
  6. Make a commitment to myself and Adapt to take ownership of my health and fitness and strive for virtuosity in my training and nutrition.
  7. Practice and follow advice or direction given by coaches.
  8. Coaches at Adapt CrossFit will provide professional coaching and expert advice, they cannot perform exercise for you nor can they make your squat better by doing your mobility training for you, this is your responsibility.
  9. Our staff are very approachable and if you have a genuine concern or need further advice or instruction on either training or nutrition please feel free to approach us.
  10. Be honest at all times and report anything to the coaches you think is incorrect or you are not entirely happy with immediately, if you don’t voice your opinion or concern we cannot hear it.

Gym Rules

The following rules must be adhered to at all times:

  1. Be on time – being late is disrespectful and disruptive to both coaches and other athletes. 5 burpees for every minute you are late.
  2. When being given instruction, listen, ask questions when queried and prior to commencement of a movement or WOD
  3. If you do not understand an instruction please ask for more direction immediately.
  4. As an athlete please feel free to encourage and support other athletes. Please don’t wander off once you are finished your workout – cheer your fellow Adapt athletes on until they are finished too.
  5. Be prepared to stay for the full hour.
  6. Do not write on the floor, notepads and whiteboards have been provided for this.
  7. Ensure you put your weights and equipment away – this includes Open Gym
  8. Any clothing left on the gym floor will be put in the lost property area, bin or kept by staff.
  9. Chalk lives in a bucket, not on the floor. Spill the chalk bucket and it’s a 100 burpees
  10. Know your fellow Crossfitters, giving results to a stranger is weird.
  11. Have fun and enjoy your training, we train hard but it’s not life or death.
  12. Count accurately, no one likes a cheat and you’re only cheating yourself. Even though we can be competitive, which is helpful in many ways, we want you to be the best you can be, your biggest competitor is yourself.
  13. Meet the standard for movements, they are their for a reason and it’s not looks.
  14. Scale appropriately, we will provide advice, however ultimately you will need to learn where you’re at.
  15. Do not bring your ego to the gym or it will more then likely take a beating.
  16. Keep an accurate record by posting your results to SugarWOD. We cannot give advice on your progression if we don’t know where you started or how you’re going.
  17. Tell everyone you know and like about Adapt CrossFit.
  18. If you’re a sweat monkey, that’s okay, just mop the floor and wipe/disinfect the equipment when you’re finished.
  19. Never be negative in our gym, “I can’t” & “I won’t” don’t fly here. We know it’s hard, if it was easy you wouldn’t get the results you’re about to.
  20. Dress code – no skirts or kilts.
    1. Girls: If you’re rocking see through tights or booty shorts please note that every time you pick up a bar you are giving people a show.
    2. Guys: just wear boardies (including underwear) no footy shirts and no kilts – no, seriously…
  21. Kids in the gym: We do not provide a child-minding service. Bring them and you’re responsible for them. Please understand that disruptive kids make it harder for athletes to focus on the direction of a coach and while you as a parent may have the ability to ignore your own children, others do not. Please ensure they stay off the rubber and equipment at any time. This is for their safety.
  22. Adapt is a pet free gym (even if your dog is really cute – sorry)
  23. Respect the equipment but don’t baby it: We understand that sometimes dropping the weight is unavoidable. We would much rather have damaged equipment than damaged athletes “equipment can be replaced, you can’t!”. There is a huge difference between safely dumping of the weight and throwing the weight. Throwing a weight from overhead in a busy class is unsafe practice. Ensure that when you drop the weight, you retrieve the bar quickly. Never drop an unloaded barbell.
  24. Don’t drop kettlebells. We encourage you to place them down in control. Never dropa kb on the wood – it can cause the wood to chip – more burpees if you do
  25. You are responsible for packing up gear as mentioned above, but please make sure nothing gets packed away until the last person has finished training. If you’re all done and someone is still getting through the WOD, head on over and cheer them on. We only pack up once Everyone is finished. (it’s a respect thing).

Other Policies

  • No refunds will be given. You may transfer your pre-paid Personal training sessions to another person if required.
  • Every minute you’re late accrues 5 burpees – Rock up 10 mins late and don’t bother joining the class – it’s too disruptive to other athletes and you’ve missed a key part of the session – wait until the next class.
  • We reserve the right to kick you out of class if you are a pain in the ass*.
  • We reserve the right to terminate your membership at any time if you are a serial pain in the ass*. Should it come to this, we will refund you the pro-rate balance on your membership.

* written notice means send us an email. Failure to give sufficient notice may incur additional charges to your account (eg. direct debits are processed on the 1st of each month)

** Determination of what constitutes a pain in the ass is at the discretion of the Owner. We are reasonable people, and we would only make this determination if you have driven us to the EDGE.