July 22

Focus For August – The Olympic Lifts


In August, we’ll be focusing on the Olympic Lifts (clean and jerk + snatch). Bring. It. On.

Taz and Pat Barber (the guys behind our day-to-day programming #WUWO) have enlisted the skills of Chad Vaughn, to help us focus on Olympic Lifting technique.

We won’t be lifting any more than usual in workouts, but you will see more warmups that incorporate the Olympic Lifts as a skill. We will use them to refine technique, practice positions and work mobility

Chad has created a few complexes for the month that have instructional videos accompanying them. By the end of the month, we want everyone to feel a lot more comfortable with the movements and positions

The Complexes, which will be done with a PVC and/or Barbell, will rotate throughout August. What this means is that you will be using a Barbell or PVC most days, sometimes even when the workout doesn’t call for it. On certain days, we’ll ask you to go heavy and challenge you with the Complexes, but more importantly, we want you to get comfortable with the movements and positions

Practice, practice, practice. 🙂


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