November 27

Fight That Creaky Ol’ Man Feeling with These Movement Practices


Ever wake up feeling tight, sore and tired – not from training – just from getting older?

This year I turned 40…

I’ve spoken to way too many people who wake up feeling tight, sore and old but here’s the thing – it’s not from training – it’s just from getting older and doing nothing – so no, it’s not just my parents in their sixties – I’ve heard that from people in their twenties?!

To fight that ol’ man feeling, I’ve got a couple of go-to practices

The more I do these, the better I feel and the nuisance of actually doing it, is far outweighed by the benefits each practice brings ->


I use to be pretty sceptical of rehab/prehab stretchy band work – why? because it’s boring as bat-shit but just like most physio rehab: if you actually do it – things get better

Crossover Symmetry is hands down the best thing you can do for your shoulders – on the weeks I do it every day (I’ve got it down to under 5 mins) my shoulders feel absolutely bulletproof

This daily practice improves your posture and activates your stabilisers and scaps – which is really useful for a dude who’s had 2 left shoulder reconstructions and still sports a torn supraspinatus on the right side 😉

GMB animal locomotion

If my hips and ankles are tight, I find the best solution is to hit some animal crawls and walks that I got from the Elements Program on – go look up Ryan Hurst of Gold Medal Bodies (GMB)

My GO-TOs: Bear, Monkey and Frogger – These foundational locomotions free up your hips and ankles, activate your shoulders and core and improve your squat mobility better than anything I have ever seen

For the average person, looking to gain basic/essential physical autonomy – I can’t recommend the GMB elements program enough – for sure, your quads are going to burn, and hips are going to ache, when you first do it, but that’s only that ol’ man feeling leaving your body 😉


Earlier in the year, I ran a group of guys through a 6-week bodybuilding program that incorporated a gymnastics EMOM style warm-up -> Aaron and I called it ‘Gymnasty’

We had a couple of variations, but the basic premise was this: develop your bodyweight skills by spending time in foundational isometric holds (hollow rocks, ring support, handstand holds) and weight transfer drills (headstand weight transfer, hanging bar tuck, skin the cat, etc.) oh, and push-ups – lots of push-ups

I’ll give you an example:

  • minute 1: 30sec handstand hold
  • minute 2: 3-5x HS weight transfer
  • minute 3: 3-5 skin the cats
  • min 4: 30sec max effort push-ups
    repeat 3 x through

The reason we added push-ups to minute 4 was that it’s usually a glaring weakness for most guys. If the gold standard is 50 push-ups in a row (and it is) the scary truth is that most guys have trouble doing more than 15 UB push-ups // girls should be aiming for 30

Doing 3x max effort sets of push-ups, 3x/week, for 6 weeks – Most of our guys saw massive improvements to their original numbers and the good news – it made for significant gains in any bench/chest related bodybuilding movement too = win

How often should you do it?

Obviously, if you do something every day, then you’re probably going to get better results then someone who only does it once a fortnight, but if your goal is to beat feeling like a creaky, old barn – then I’d be aiming for at least 3x week

My weekly routine looks like this:

  • CrossFit 5x/week – so: MON, TUE, WED, FRI, SAT – rest on THU and SUN
  • crossover symmetry: every day (I remember) and trust me, it’s easy to forget if your shoulders are feeling good…
  • GMB animal locomotion: mostly, when I’m feeling tight and old
  • Gymnasty: 3x/week – it’s an excellent warm-up for just about any workout, and it’s over in 12 minutes 😉

If you’ve been feeling like an old man (or woman) I’d strongly encourage you to steal some of my practices/moves and add them into your daily routine – then you can start feeling young again, or at the very least happy to move 🙂

All the best,
Coach & Owner, Adapt

PS: If you’d like me to run you through my [fight that ol’ man feeling] routine, hit me up for a 1:1 by contacting us


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