Got Community? Because Adapt Just Feels Like Home

Culture. It’s different in every gym. Is your gym friendly and inviting? Does the person at the front desk know you by name? Do they care about where you’re at and call you if they haven’t seen you in a while?

I’ve been trying to distil what it is exactly that makes my gym: Adapt CrossFit different from other gyms and fitness centres…

I wanted to explain why CrossFit has become my preferred training methodology and such an integral part of my life and career – something so life changing that I’d commit the last 10 years to it, including leaving a well paid government job to become a coach and run a gym full time

Here’s what I came up with (plus a little bit of context…)

Adapt CrossFit is situated in what I like to call ‘gym alley’ – There’s a yoga studio across the way, 2 Globo / 24 hour gyms within a stones throw of our front door and a Martial Arts Academy to boot

Every morning on my way to Adapt I drive past the other gyms and sometimes I see people training. Not many but a small few, going through the motions to improve their fitness

One in particular recently upgraded their space to include all the latest and greatest “Functional” training equipment. They’ve got a new pull-up rig, some bumper plates, some wall balls and even a few Bulgarian sandbags – The only killer is that each person using the new gear seems to be doing so all by their lonesome. I mean they’re not alone (in the space) but well, they kinda are…

There might be one or two people underneath the pull-up rig (and sometimes there’s more), all within metres of each other, close enough to reach out and give one another a high-five, a fist bump or a pat on the back – but they don’t.

Fixated on their reflection in the floor to ceiling mirrors they chip away, nervously hoping not to make a scene while perhaps, deep down inside they wait for some small acknowledgement of their efforts. A slight head nod, a thumbs up, anything but alas…

To be honest, my heart goes out to all the guys and girls doing it on their lonesome – to be so close to each other and yet to be so disconnected, closed off and guarded – it just doesn’t look like the kind of training that would keep me motivated to keep showing up on the regular

Please understand that I’m not saying you can’t train alone – Every now and then I enjoy going solo – a couple of weeks back I was the only guy in here. I locked the doors and busted myself on the rower for a solid 60 mins. No, of course you can train alone but for me, this is something I do on the odd occasion and not on the regular

I find it way more motivating to workout with a mate or even better: a group of friends – the more the merrier I say 😉

The guys and girls at my gym train in the same space with a shared vision. It’s the Blood, sweat and tears – Yep, it’s the shared suffering that builds our camaraderie and connection. I love being a part of something bigger than myself as I feel like we can achieve so much more, together than I can, alone

This place, this space, my coaches, the people… It just feels like home. A place where everyone knows you by name and cares that you were bothered enough to show up

If you train at Adapt, another box or by your lonesome I’d be super keen to hear your side of the story.

How do you train and why?

Do you train by yourself or with a crew?

If you train at a CrossFit box – what makes your box ‘Feel Like Home’?

Leave a comment and let me know 😉

Stay Fit,