Dr Sam Bettison – Chiropractor

Sam has officially been the in-house chiropractor for the Adapt team since early 2014. Now he is bringing his practice to Adapt. Working out of the treatment rooms at the gym two days a week from early 2015, Sam will be available to help you manage your acute or chronic injury, return to training, or maximise your performance, whether you currently train at Adapt or not.

As a chiropractor, Sam has specialised in working in the sporting and athletic arena. While he works with people from a range of sporting backgrounds, his personal experience as a Crossfitter makes him particularly able to understand the needs of Crossfit athletes.

Sam is a member of Sports Chiropractic Australia and a professional member of Sports Medicine Australia. He is also a certified ART® practitioner, and is currently completing his ICCSP qualification (Internationally Certified Chiropractic Sports Practitioner).

What is sports chiropractic?

Sports chiropractors provide care in the conservative management, rehabilitation and performance optimisation of the neuromusculoskeletal system for athletes, be they professional or recreational.

What this means for you is that a sports chiropractor can:

  • help you manage and recover from an injury, whether it is acute or chronic
  • help with injury prevention, to keep you training for longer
  • help you achieve your best in athletic performance through helping your body function at its most efficient

Treatment of these issues is performed using a range of possible modalities, which may include joint manipulation or mobilisation (what chiropractors call an “adjustment”), soft tissue therapies, rehabilitation or other exercise therapies, taping and strapping, and nutritional advice.

Many sports chiropractors will have additional qualifications specific to working with athletes. These will ideally place the chiropractor to more accurately recognise, treat and manage a range of injuries and issues facing athletes.

Sports chiropractors can and will work within a multi-modal team to manage your recovery and rehabilitation from injury. If your complaint requires referral to another health professional, then a sports chiropractor will do so.

What to expect

The first time you see Sam will take up to an hour. This appointment will include a thorough history of your particular issue and your general health, and a complete physical examination. Treatment is performed in this initial consultation unless further testing such as X-rays is required first. A schedule of care particular to your needs will also be discussed with you.

After this, your standard appointments will last up to half an hour, and will include further treatment and ongoing reviews of your issues and needs.

Some individuals use ongoing chiropractic care as a part of their general maintenance regime. Sometimes these appointments don’t need to be as long, and in these cases a short appointment of up to quarter of an hour will be scheduled. Discuss this with Sam.

Fees (as at Jan 2015)

  • Initial consult (up to an hour) $180
  • Regular appointment (up to half an hour) $90
  • Short appointment (up to quarter of an hour) $60

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