Don’t Stop Believing!

Can you remember what is was like to be a kid?

At one point in time I bet you believed that you could do anything?


I remember watching Point Break with Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves – guys jumping out of planes, riding massive waves and robbing banks and thought to myself “yep, when I grow up – I wanna do that too…” well perhaps minus the bank robbing part

I think somewhere along the way we stopped believing

We stopped believing that anything was possible and we stopped believing that we could become anyone we wanted to

Because we stopped believing – maybe we stopped trying

I know, because 7 years ago this was me

I see people everyday – working a 9-5 job they hate. Trying to fit in their family, fitness, study in and around paying the bills

I see people working to live & living to work

Their relationship with their partner is average at best – I mean it used to be great but now it’s more a case of just “keep on keeping on…” – you want it to be better you just don’t know where to start…

They know they’re not setting a very good example for their kids either – they don’t have time for fitness and they’re too tired to take the kids out to play — so they just hand over the iPhone again and hope it’ll keep them quiet – you want to be your kid’s hero and play with them all day but you don’t know where to find the extra energy…

They buy new cars and new TVs in order to fill the empty feeling but it’s only temporary and as the first repayment comes out of their account they realise that it’s back to work on Monday to pay it off – you could spend the rest of your life like this or perhaps there is a way to get paid for doing what you love…

What if there was another way?

Trust me – There is.

In 2016 some changes are afoot at Adapt and I’m more excited than ever!

In 2016, I want to help you:

* get on top of your health & fitness and show you how to sustain it for a lifetime

* find your purpose and show you how to start working towards realising it

* become self aware and show you how to boost your productivity on a daily, weekly and monthly basis

* develop the best relationships and show you what you need to do on a daily basis, to build the most satisfying and lasting relationship with your partner – something that others will envy

* set the ultimate example for your kids (family, fitness and career) and show you where to find the energy to do it

* remove self limiting beliefs and show you that your future is not determined by your past

It’s time to start believing again!

It’s time to realise that you can be anyone you want to!

Maybe all you ever needed was someone to show you how…

If you’d like to find out more about making 2016 your best year ever -> you know the deal: REPLY TO THIS EMAIL with your and your and I’ll contact you to see if you’re the kind of person I can help

A couple of weeks back I had a phone conversation with one of our athletes: Anne – afterwards I asked her for some feedback – here’s what she said…


Ben is a bit of a dark horse. Not only is he a great coach, I’ve discovered his passion for wanting to help others improve their lives more generally. He put the call out for those in need to contact him to see where he could help. He took an hour out of his busy schedule to chat with me about my life, and offered surprising insight into the issues I’m currently facing as a working mother of two young children; as well as some practical tips on ways to improve my problem areas. I think most importantly, the advice Ben suggested has enabled me to use more self-reflection on what I need to help myself, and to get the most out of crossfit. In the weekly motivational video’s, Ben offers tips and advice on self-improvement, or gives his members an area to focus on for the week. It is clear this box is not just about numbers on a page – Ben, Bec and the other coaches really care about the holistic health and well-being of their clients. I’m so glad we stumbled across Adapt – and I look forward to continuing the journey we’ve embarked on

~ Anne


If this email has sparked something deep inside you and you know I’m talking to you

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