September 11

Don’t Lose Your Mojo – You Can Still Train Around An Injury


Have you ever been injured, got downhearted and stopped training altogether? I’m here to tell you: “Don’t Lose Your Mojo – You Can Still Train Around An Injury”

Everyone Gets Injured

Unfortunately, injuries can occur as part of day to day life. You could tweak your back getting groceries out of the car, sprain your ankle walking up a flight of stairs, or pull your hamstring while running for the bus.

Injuries can also occur while you are training, and for many different reasons – they could be the result of an untreated niggle, a breakdown in form or just from doing something stupid (see below).

Even coaches do dumb things

About 2 and half months ago I tweaked my lower back doing a one-handed deadlift – which lead to the entire right-hand side of my lower body going all funky (well that’s my diagnosis) – and for a while there I didn’t train at much at all

At this point in time, I was pushing a little too hard in too many directions, and something had to give – Unfortunately, it was my body that gave out first

After a few days of rest, I went to see Tash (the in-house physio), and I was able to get some rehab exercises, massage and dry needling

At about 3 weeks, I had just been doing my rehab and weekly physio sessions I was able to get back into group classes – these were massively scaled just so I could move and get a bit of a sweat on

At 6 weeks post injury, I started testing myself a little more, seeing what I could and couldn’t do (most single leg movements were a no go), my back still ached after I did something big (20+ minute WOD, heavy deadlifts)

After 8 weeks of taking it slow, I could finally get back into the rhythm of things, and I was able to do the majority of workouts without modifications (pistols don’t like me, but hey at least I can lunge), and things are looking pretty good

Its been over 10 weeks now and I’m almost 100% and (thankfully) I’ve been able to pick up where I left off, although I’m still a little nervous about lifting really heavy and I think that it’s going to take some time to get my head around the fact that things are OK now

After hurting yourself, you may have to take your foot off the accelerator and take some time to recover, but that doesn’t mean that you have to stop your training altogether

Modifying Workouts So You Can Still Train

When you have an injury, it’s never a problem to ask your coach to scale or replace a movement/s at ANY session you attend – never think you burden us by asking – it is our job to help you train and we like having to come up with something different so you can still get a sweat on

We also partner with a bunch of excellent healthcare practitioners:

We are all here to help keep you moving, and trust me when I say that we have plenty of experience training around injuries so if you ever tweak, pull or pop something, come and speak to one of us straight away and we’ll get you back on track in no time


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