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Baby Come Back!

This is the first time I’ve ever resorted to using a cute little kitten pic to communicate the fondness that I have for people committed to physical training – or more specifically, the feeling I have towards people who are battling to get back into it after time off due to sickness, injury or holidays […]

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Thrusters and burpees

Wednesday 26.03.14 Why are we always talking about external rotation? Plus hollow rock challenge! Strength: 1RM Thruster – this may be a cluster (clean into a thruster) Conditioning: 6min Ladder 3 Thrusters 3 Bar Facing Burpees 6 Thrusters 6 BFB 9 … 9 … Hollow Rock Challenge: Will you take up the 3min (sorry thought […]

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Just in case you forgot how we roll… Sometimes it would seem that my approach is too intimidating. My expectations: too unrealistic. The pressure that I place on all my Adapt crew and coaches: too great. I mean look at this site: post after post of ‘stop making excuses…”, ‘Harden up princess’ and/or ‘are you […]

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Airforce & Whole30 BBQ tonight

Saturday 04.01.2014 “Airforce” (15min) 20 x thrusters (42/30kg) 20 x sumo deadlift high pull 20 x push jerk 20 x overhead squat 20 x front squat ** Every minute on the minute (EMOTM) 4 burpees. WOD starts with 4 burpees. Post loads, rounds and training notes to comments Other news: Don’t forget Whole30 BBQ tonight (6pm) @ […]

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The airdynes have landed…

Tuesday 26-11-13 Our new Airdynes are in and as Tim Armstrong said this morning (after he managed to walk again) “I’ve been coming here for well over a year now and have never felt anything like that (bad)…” Strength 3 x 7 FS then immediately 13 BS at 65% of 1rm FS Conditioning 3 […]

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