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Are You A Little Fish Or A Big Fish?

Who do you hang out with at the gym? As someone who frequents the gym, I’ve come to learn that when you’re training, you want to have a few gym buddies – They encourage you to get into the gym, and make the tough sessions more enjoyable because you know that they’re there to support […]

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Baby Come Back!

This is the first time I’ve ever resorted to using a cute little kitten pic to communicate the fondness that I have for people committed to physical training – or more specifically, the feeling I have towards people who are battling to get back into it after time off due to sickness, injury or holidays […]

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Just in case you forgot how we roll… Sometimes it would seem that my approach is too intimidating. My expectations: too unrealistic. The pressure that I place on all my Adapt crew and coaches: too great. I mean look at this site: post after post of ‘stop making excuses…”, ‘Harden up princess’ and/or ‘are you […]

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Let’s Pretend you’re a Racecar

Another article from last week’s newsletter… Just for a second, let’s pretend that you’re a high performance racecar. Pretend that you’re Lightning McQueen from the movie Cars (It’s an old movie but most people have seen it…) For this to work I’m assuming that A: everyone that trains at Adapt want’s to be the very best […]

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