FEAR – What Are You Afraid Of?

What are you afraid of?

fear (Definition) fɪə/Submit noun 1. an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm. What are you afraid of? Is it looking silly, or Is it getting injured doing a particular movement? Is it letting the team down, or holding someone up in a partner workout? Everyone has something they’re afraid of … Read more

Don’t Lose Your Mojo – You Can Still Train Around An Injury

Don't Lose Your Mojo - You Can Still Train Around An Injury

Have you ever been injured, got downhearted and stopped training altogether? I’m here to tell you: “Don’t Lose Your Mojo – You Can Still Train Around An Injury” Everyone Gets Injured Unfortunately, injuries can occur as part of day to day life. You could tweak your back getting groceries out of the car, sprain your … Read more

2018 CrossFit Games Highlights

Just in case you missed it, the #2018CrossFitGames wrapped up today -> SPOILER ALERT: Matt Fraser & Tia-Clare Toomey won (again) Take the time to watch this highlight reel, listen to each and every word Sean Woodland says – If it doesn’t give you goosebumps or get you excited about exercising, I’m not sure what … Read more

Stand Up – You Gotta Move

We all know sitting is bad for us, in fact emerging scientific research is pointing towards it being really bad for us, but why don’t we want to get up? Well as it turns out, you’ve been made that way by nature.