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Crossfit Games 14.5

Saturday 29.03.14


The final WOD of this years Crossfit Games Open 14.5 is

  • 21 Thrusters (43/30kg)
  • 21 Bar Facing Burpees
  • 18 Thrusters
  • 18 Bar Facing Burpees
  • 15 Thrusters
  • 15 Bar Facing Burpees
  • 12 Thrusters
  • 12 Bar Facing Burpees
  • 9 Thrusters
  • 9 Bar Facing Burpees
  • 6 Thrusters
  • 6 Bar Facing Burpees
  • 3 Thrusters
  • 3 Bar Facing Burpees

Coaches Notes:

  • The clock will not save you so break down your burpees.
  • Don’t stop moving through your burpees, pace them but don’t stop.
  • Don’t throw the bar away on your thrusters.
  • Stay focused, don’t check out early.

For when you’ve finished…………
CONGRATULATIONS! You’ve just finished the 2014 Crossfit Games Open!

Post your scores and comments to the web site



Crossfit Games 14.4 is a Chipper

Saturday 21.03.14


Crossfit Games 14.4 is a 14 minute AMRAP consisting of:

  • 60 Calorie Row
  • 50 Toes To Bar
  • 40 Wall Balls (9/6kg to a 10/9′ target)
  • 30 Cleans (61/43kg)
  • 20 Muscle Ups
  • If you complete the 20 Muscle Ups within the time cap you start back at the rower

Coaches Notes:

  • Don’t blow a gasket on the Rower.
  • Break up your T2B EARLY! Don’t be a hero!
  • Rest on the Wall Balls by resting on the wall with the ball on your chest.
  • You’ll possibly be too smoked on the Cleans to touch ‘n go so consider singles with very short rests.
  • Muscles you either have or don’t, there is no half way with this movement.

Tips from the coaches here on our YouTube video:

Make sure you post your scores to the Crossfit Games site as soon as possible and then to the comments section! Good luck

14.2 is OH Squats and C2B

Saturday 08.03.14


Crossfit Games 14.2 is Overhead Squats followed by Chest to Bar Pull Ups

The clock start at 0:00 and you have 3 minutes to complete 2 Rounds of:

  • 10 Overhead Squats (43/30kg)
  • 10 Chest to Bar Pull Ups

If you complete this within the 3 minutes you can rest for the remaining time on the clock and you’ll qualify for the next 3 minute round where the rep range increases by 2 to 12 of each movement:

3:00 to 6:00 

  • 12 Overhead Squats (43/30kg)
  • 12 Chest to Bar Pull Ups

This pattern continues (additional 2 reps per movement and 3 minutes on the clock) until the athlete is unable to complete the 2 rounds within the required time period

Coaches Ben, Becca and Rosey performed the workout on Friday and gave their thoughts and tips on the video below

Good luck everyone, post your scores and comments below

front squat heavy triple and 1:1 work/rest intervals

Thursday 6.3.14

Some 10 am clean and jerk slo-mo action…

A: front squat – work up to a heavy triple in 15 mins

B: 4 rounds:

  • 30 sec ME power snatch @ 50/35kg // rest 30 sec
  • 30 sec ME box jump @ 24″/20″ // rest 30 sec
  • 30 sec ME push-ups // rest 30 sec

Post loads, reps and training notes to comments

CrossFit Games Open WOD 14.2 to be announced tomorrow around 12pm – free bottle of cold drip to anyone who can guess what it’ll be…

It’s here…. Crossfit Games 14.1

Saturday 01.03.14

The wait is over, the 2014 Crossfit Games is finally here

14.1 is a 10 minute AMRAP, consisting of:

  • 30 Double Unders
  • 15 Power Snatches (35/25kg)

Coaches Points:

  • Ensure you are fully locked out overhead and your hips are open (like at the top of a box jump).
  • The most efficient method of performing this lift is a Power Snatch (rather than a muscle snatch), so drop under then extend.
  • If you touch and go, make sure the weight touches the floor and you drop your hips to protect your back.
  • Stay calm and relaxed during your double unders.

Good luck everyone, post your times and notes to comments


Plan for the 2014 Open

OK we still haven’t got anything set in concrete but I’ll give you what we’ve got so far…

  1. Over the next 5 weeks the Saturday sessions will be reserved for people competing in this year’s CrossFit Games Open. If you want to train/compete hurry up and register already
  2. We will ONLY* be running the Open WODs on Saturdays
  3. We’ll write up a list of sessions on the whiteboard (mindbody’s sessions aren’t up until the 1st) and organise time slots for you to come in
  4. We will confirm what’s going to happen by tomorrow night (after we know what the WOD is)

*If you are working (shift workers, posted, etc.) or away from Canberra we MAY organise a separate session for you to complete your Open WOD. 1/2hr PT sessions can be booked (outside of our regular group sessions) for you if you can not make it to a set time…

IF YOU ARE NOT COMPETING there are still a number of ways to be part of Saturday sessions for the next 5 weeks:

Option #1 – Spectate

If any of you guys have been to any of the local throwdowns recently (Smash Clash, Judgement Day, etc.) one thing that stands out is the support that all our Adapt peeps bring. You guys scream and cheer on athletes louder than any other box, stat. So why not come along to spectate and cheer the guys who are going to be busting their guts to do the best they can – they’re gonna need all the support they can get – If you’re not competing it’s the very least you can do – #bringTheCheer…

Option #2 – Judge

So perhaps you don’t feel like you want to be a competitor but you still would like to be part of the biggest fitness competition in the world. One way you can do that is by becoming a judge. Of course you’ll have to go an complete the online judges course ($10) but if you could spare some of your time to come hang out and be a judge for us – that’d be awesome and a genuine help… #enhanceYourKarma

Like I said in yesterday’s newsletter: I want this year’s CrossFit Open to be Adapt’s biggest yet (with more competitors, judges and spectators) than any other box in Canberra. We already have close to 70 people registered but I think that we can do even better. Chris Spealler just posted one of the best gee-ups ever: Your Role in the Open -> Go read it, get inspired and put your name down

Thursday 27.2.14

A: Snatch warm up (3 reps of each of the following movements for 20-25 mins):

  • shrug
  • high pull
  • muscle snatch
  • OH squat
  • drop snatch
  • duck walk

C: Hollow rock / superman transitions (5-7 mins)

D: 10 min AMRAP:

  • 30 double unders
  • 15 power snatches @ 40/25kg

Post completed rounds, reps and training notes to comments.

3 reasons you need to register for the CrossFit Open in 2014

If you’re still undecided about signing up for this year’s CrossFit Games Open – hopefully this post will help you make up your mind…

Reason #1 – It’s a great opportunity to see how you stack up as a CrossFitter on a local, National and International scale.

You may be the king of your very own garage gym, local box or one of the best athletes in your city but how do you stack up against the 138,000 other CrossFitters around the globe. Each Saturday (over the next 5 weeks) you’ll get compete, submit your score and find out how well rounded you are as a CrossFitter?!

Reason #2 – We want this year’s Adapt team to be the biggest ever!

It’s been great to watch the amount of the Adapt peeps grow each year. Back in 2011 I think we had about 11 and about 22 in 2012. Last year we had about 45 and this year (so far) 63 of our fine people have registered but I know there’s still a few more who need to put their names down. I’d have to say that I’m just “a little bit” excited and the cool thing is that with that amount of people the atmosphere in the box over the next 5 weeks is going to be #electric – which is definitely something you don’t want to miss – no really…

Reason #3 – Watch: The Test Of Fitness (on YouTube) and then tell me you don’t want to be part of something that’s so much bigger than you are…

Go on then, Go and register already…

Did you compete in last year’s Open? Or how about the year before? If you did, were you glad you participated? What would you say to someone who’s still undecided about competing in this year’s Open – Please share your thoughts to comments.