March 8

Back On it – And why it’s taken so long to get to this point


I’m starting to get back ‘on it’

That is, I’m starting to feel like I’ve not only got the capacity to post a Sunday arvo gee-up / Sunday morning roundtable / something positive to share with my AdaptCF community

For a while there, I didn’t know what to write or share – or more specifically, I’d lost the confidence to share – in terms of fitness and nutrition, I was barely keeping my own shit together, so encouraging others to make positive changes was the last thing on my mind

While I’ve still got some niggling injuries keeping my physical output well below 80%, my head’s in a much better place. I’ve been spending more time with Becca, the girls and close friends, as well as focusing on the simple things like walking, and working out with the crew

I was only chatting with Becca the other day, trying to work out why I so freely shared content and articles and videos, back when when the gym used to have 200 members – I didn’t want to say something like “at the peak of Adapt” because I don’t think we’ve hit the true potential of this place yet, hence “200 members…”

I think I was pretty naive and was so caught up in the ground swell of our growing community and business that I was almost carefree – at the time, it was onwards and upwards – nothing could stop us! With little thought of planning for the future, setting aside money and setting up systems that would have sheltered us from the inevitable dip

It wasn’t until a little later that we got to experience the full gambit of running a business – eg. the low times, of going into debt to expand the gym, only to lose half our team, then members, and barely keeping it together

I think that Becca and I probably hit our lowest point about half way through 2016 – where we seriously considered wrapping everything up and calling it on Adapt

Maybe it was stubbornness or just plain stupidity but we kept plugging away. When I wanted to quit, Becca would tell me “Let’s just give it another month…” and when she’d had enough and wanted to pack it, I’d convince her to do the same…

Whenever I think about doing anything else, I shudder, as it’s not an option. I love what I do, and even more than that, I love doing it with my wife. We’ve learnt so much over the years, about helping people with their health and fitness, running a business, raising our daughters and keeping our own shit together

We’ve been through so much and today, I’m thankful for all those experiences – the good and the bad. After everything I’ve experienced, We’re still standing. I’m a little older and a little wiser. I’m a little more cautious in my business dealings. I’m a lot more compassionate then I was 5 years ago, and I’m way more thankful for my wife, my girls, my friends, and the fact that I get to do what I do for a living!

It’s re-inspired me to start writing again, to get back in front of a video camera and start sharing my unfiltered thoughts on life, love and this crazy thing called CrossFit again

What’s coming?

In short, I’m not really sure.

I had a couple of mates come round for a workout this morning (Becca jumped in) and afterwards we sat down to chat about doing this year’s Open – I uploaded it to our youtube channel:

I also uploaded the audio to anchor (spotify) – apparently you can start a podcast there? So I did, and called it The BelcoFit Podcast – You can check out this morning’s post garage session roundtable here:

So that’s it. Raw and unfiltered chats with the Adapt crew peeps and we’ll see here it goes from there. It’s not as polished as our daily workout videos but it’s only a matter of time 😉

All the best,
Coach & Owner

Adapt CrossFit


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