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Where’s Your Head At? (Because Mindset is Everything)

Where's Your Head At?

It’s the start of the week, and you’re probably heading off to work this morning right? – chances are you’re there already! Where’s your head at in relation to starting the day, and focusing on the week ahead? – Are you positive or negative? because mindset is everything

Mindset When Training

Of late I’ve been working on my mindset each time I train

I’ve been catching myself saying things like “this is going to be really tough” or, “I’m nervous about this workout” and to be honest it doesn’t help me, or anybody who hears me say it

So now I pay attention to where my head goes throughout an entire session – starting with what I think and say out loud when I first see the workout written up on the whiteboard

I’ll give you an example: “oh great. Running. I hate running and it’s freezing outside” is not going to do me any favours. I’m better off with “ok, it’s running. I’ll focus on a particular pace, my breathing and I might have to wear my beanie this morning”

In the warm-up I’ll use the time to be prepared for the workout ahead, not dread what’s about to happen

I pay attention to how I’m feeling for each movement and scale it up or down depending on how I’m moving (For me, it’s never about going RX’d or worrying what someone else is doing – I only focus on how I am, on the day)

It’s easy to get caught up in what is about to happen (the workout), so I just focus on the task at hand and getting warm enough to do my best when it’s “3-2-1-Go!”

During the workout what I’m thinking can make or break my entire session. I love being able to train with others and always want it to be a significant part of my day

If I start to feel overwhelmed and negative thoughts creep in – you know: “this sucks… I can’t do this… I have so far to go… that person is almost done, and I’m so far behind…” then I’m not having a good time at all?!

When I catch myself mid-negative-thought, I’ll break down the movement I’m doing into its component parts, and talk myself through it – For example burpees

  1. My Negative thought: “I hate burpees, and I can’t breathe” switches to:
  2. I’ll talk myself through it: “hands to the floor, jump out, lie down, jump in, stand tall and get off the floor”

And before I know it I’m getting the job done and progressing to the next movement – which I can also break down, step by step, etc.

After the workout is over I’m flooded with feelings of accomplishment and good vibes – I mean I just got to train with my fantastic, supportive crew. Bring on some high fives and fist bumps! #crewvibes

Applying a positive mindset to everything you do

I’m not sure how you started the day, whether you trained this morning or what you’ve got planned for the week ahead but I know this: If you think it’s going to be crap – it probably will be because your mindset is everything

My challenge to you this week is for you to catch negative thoughts as they arise and see if you can replace them by breaking down the task, project or workout you’re doing, into small achievable chunks, and talk yourself through it

  • What are you thinking now? Is today going to be a good day?

I hope you found this helpful – If you did, I’d really love to know – Leave a comment below 😉

All the Best,

Christmas Timetable

We will be running a Christmas Timetable over the Christmas / New Year period.
Sessions are running right up until Christmas!


Christmas Eve – Saturday 24th Dec: 7am & 8:30am sessions
Christmas Day – Sunday 25th Dec: Closed
Boxing Day – Monday 26th Dec: Closed
Christmas Day holiday – Tuesday 27th Dec: Closed

Wednesday 28th Dec: 9am session
Thursday 29th Dec: 9am session
Friday 30th Dec: 9am
New Years Eve – Saturday 31st Dec: 9am session

New Years Day – Sunday 1st Jan: Closed
New Years Day holiday – Monday 2nd Jan: Closed
Tuesday 3rd Jan: all sessions running as per usual – 5:30am, 6:30am, 10am, 5pm, 6pm, 7pm

From the team at Adapt, we hope you have an amazing Christmas! Whatever it looks like – hanging with family, friends or work colleagues or perhaps heading away, we hope you have some laughs, celebrate with loved ones and travel safe over this time.

Thank you for being a part of our lives over 2016. We are looking forward to bringing in a New Year with you!

Coach Becca

Meet the Members: Rebecca

Our latest Meet the Member interview with Rebecca Manning…


1. How long have you been with Adapt?
Almost 3 years. With a few holidays/breaks mixed in!

2. Favourite workout / exercise?
Clean and Jerk!
But I also really like handstand stuff. Enjoying handstand walking at the moment because I’m just starting to get it.

3. Least favourite workout / exercise?
Thrusters. I promise this was my answer before 16.5 haha! I think it all stems from a long term shoulder issue and thrusters just always seemed to flare it up. Plus they suck!

4. Best things in life: you like?… (eg. i like long walks on the beach etc)
Hanging out with family and friends – especially eating and walking with our fur babies 🙂

5. Favourite food / paleo food?
This is very difficult to answer. I like so many foods! Paleo food – good raw tuna yuuuum. Not so paleo – the rest of the sushi.

6. Favourite holiday destination/s?
I added the “s” to the question! Bora Bora has been my favourite place for a chill out holiday. Over-water bungalow, jet skis, snorkelling etc… don’t hate 🙂 Otherwise I loved Spain, crazy good food, cool architecture and culture.

7. Interesting fact about you?
I’m a Sonographer by trade so I pretty much look at peoples insides all day. I know where all your guts live!

8. What were you doing to get fit before you trained at Adapt?
PT with my sister and playing soccer. The PT we went to now does CrossFit 😉

9. Do you have any special or successful Adapt memories / moments?
My first Smash Clash in 2013 was pretty special, partnered with Nay Rose! Anyone who was there will remember the walls we had to climb over. I wasn’t sure if I was going to get over but I gave it a crack and ended up conquering it like three times!


I also got my very first chest to bar in open workout 14.2 with Coach Craig judging and coaching me through it. The atmosphere was awesome that day and I was so pumped, great memory!

10. What advice would you give to a new member at Adapt?
Having been around for a little while and having my share of injury I’d say listen to your body and pay it massive respect. Some days it might not want to come to the party and some days you’ll kick butt. Work really hard on technique and beautiful movement before you start putting the weight on and that includes all the little muscles that shouldn’t be forgotten. It will pay off in the long run.

Coach Becca

Meet the Members – Dhruv

We thought we would bring back our Meet the Members so you can all get to know each other a little better. Today, we interview Dhruv with 10 questions.


1: how long have you been with Adapt?
Been with Adapt since about August 2014. However, been coming regularly (4 or 5 times a week since October 2015.

2: Favourite workout / exercise?
I’m okay with pull-ups so anything with pull-ups! The Cindy WOD is a favourite (haven’t done it in the gym yet but have done it a few times in the park when I’ve missed a session).

3: Least favourite workout / exercise?
Since I am phenomenally agile and flexible (not) – overhead squats and snatches are what I dread. And since I come for the morning sessions before the WODs are published seeing these on the whiteboard result in me weighing up whether anyone will notice if I sneak out the door before the session starts…

4: Best things in life: you like…? (Eg. I like long walks in the beach etc)
Reading stuff about economics, travelling and sports (watching and playing).

5: Favourite food / paleo food?
Probably doesn’t qualify as paleo food but I like chickpea curry, spinach curry and milk (all mixed of course – not!). Love (cold) watermelon too!

6: Favourite holiday destination?
Thus far, Rajasthan in India. I’ve been back a few times to Rajasthan and love visiting all the ancient forts.

7: Interesting fact about you?
I am a bit of a nerd (as if the side-part and the love for statistics didn’t give it away…). I also have been booted out of a hotel to accommodate Naomi Campbell’s wish to throw a surprise birthday party for a her Russian billionaire boyfriend…

8: What were you doing to get fit before you joined Adapt?
Admiring my guns in the mirror and trying a pectoral jiggle that I saw someone do on tv.

9: Do you have any special or successful Adapt memories/moments?
Luckily I waited to complete 16.3 before doing these questions (until then it had been RXing a WOD called Helen). But now I’m going to say doing 16.3 RX* and then following that with a team WOD where I did a rope climb on my first ever attempt. I’m participating in an Open for the first time and I was secretly hoping to RX one WOD!

* If you’re trying to imagine what my bar muscle-ups looked like then search for videos of Rich Froning doing bar muscle ups. Then forget that image and imagine what a tree-frog hanging from a tree branch looks like….


10: What advice would you give to a new member at Adapt?
Consistency! I’ve been a member for more than a year but have only started coming regularly since October 2015. It is only since then that I have started seeing major results (in terms of strength and even, dare I say it, flexibility). Food matters too! Eating right makes a big difference (especially if you’re a vegetarian!).

Coach Becca

What gear do I need to be a “real” CrossFitter?



So, I’ve started CrossFitting – What do I need?

It’s been fun to watch the transition from Nano’s to Metcon’s in the box over the past few months. Or the clothes we wear revolving through the latest in Reebok and Lululemon. Which leads to a question – What gear do I need to be a ‘real’ CrossFitter?

The short answer is nothing. Really, all you need is a water bottle and a towel. When I first started out, I wore old trainers, and running gear I already owned.
You will see more improvements in your performance from training consistently and eating well than having a bag full of expensive gear.

Having said that, there are a few things I have picked up over the years. I find you really benefit from 4-way stretch shorts. At a minimum, you need some form of stretch in your shorts, because no one wants a blow-out when squatting heavy. Other than that, a T-shirt and a pair of shoes with a solid sole. This is where Metcons and Nanos come into their own, as they are specifically designed for CrossFit. If you don’t want to be like everybody else, you could go with Inov8’s, Onisuka Tigers, Chucks or Vans. Steer clear of shoes with cushioning in the heel, as they lead to instability when lifting.

Do you need Oly shoes, a weightlifting belt, pull-up grips, gloves, knee sleeves, wrist straps, Rocktape in every colour and your own private chalk supply? No. Does it help to have this gear? Maybe. Should you use it all the time? No. You want to avoid becoming dependant on your gear, and having to run and change from your box jump shoes to your wall ball shoes and back again (*Cough, cough, Nick…*)

So, what do I have in my King Kong bag? Far too much really….
2 jump ropes, cut to suit me (Trust me it does make a difference to how well you skip. If it is too short, you’ll trip. Too long, and you will gas out really fast)
Pull-up grips (which I never use)
Pair of knee sleeves (which I rarely use)
4 pairs of wrist wraps (for overhead squatting and occasionally heavy snatches)
Rocktape (to tape my thumbs more than anything else…)
Weightlifting belt (only use for max lifts and big sets)
Metcons (shoes)
Oly shoes
Mobility balls
Spare shirt
Spare socks (these come in handy more than you would think!)
Water bottle

If you are in the market for CrossFit gear first thing on your list should be a good pair of shoes. We spend a lot of time under the barbell and they will make a big difference.

Coach Rosey

What is the CrossFit Open and why should you do it?


The CrossFit Open is a worldwide event that runs over a 5 week period…

There are 5 workouts in total, with one workout to complete each week. There is an RX’d workout and a Scaled workout so there is something that everyone can do.

CrossFit boxes around the world have their members participate in this greater community event. For some people this is the pathway to the CrossFit Regionals and beyond – to the CrossFit Games but for most people, it’s just about being a part of something bigger.

It’s about community.
It’s about having a go.
It’s about challenging yourself.

I hear you say – but, i’m not a competitive person. That’s okay. You don’t have to be competitive to sign up and be a part of this. You sign up because you do CrossFit. This is the biggest thing CrossFit as a community will do together.

At Adapt CrossFit we will make these Open WODs our Saturday sessions – so everyone who trains on Saturday will get to experience the workouts.

All of our current programming is focused around movements and workouts that will be in the Open. You may not have realised this, but you are already prepping for it.

This is all about discovering what you’re capable of and realising that you can do way more than you thought you could.

I’ve seen and heard story after story of people all around the world, signing up for the Open and going on to surprise themselves. It didn’t matter their size, shape or level of fitness, they still had a go and lived to tell a tale.

The following article: Transforming Average Joes into Athletes was written about Adapt CrossFit during the 2013 CrossFit Open. Please Read it because the same still applies today.

We love our members (you) and you definitely want you to experience this.

How to register for the Open

Head over to the Games website and register (or log in if you competed last year). Pay your $20 fee online. (This is great value for a 5 week event). Select Adapt CrossFit as your affiliate (we’re the first one listed) and we can add you as part of the Adapt One team.

As always if you have any questions please chat to a Coach, flick us a message or give us a buzz.

~ Coach Becca

Fight Gone Bad

Monday 28th December

500m C2 fun...

500m C2 fun…(with #oldschool logo

“Fight Gone Bad”

3 rounds of:
Wall-ball 9/6kg
Sumo deadlift high-pull 35/25kg
Box Jump 20″ box
Push-press 35/25kg
Row (Calories)

In this workout you move from each station after a minute. The clock does not reset or stop between exercises. This is a five-minute round with a one-minute break before repeating. The athletes must move to next station immediately for best score. One point is given for each rep, except on the rower where each calorie is one point. Tally total reps for a final FGB score.

Coaches Notes: If you are able, do this workout RX’d. Don’t give your buddy any sympathy reps – no-rep if it’s a no-rep so they have a legit FGB score at the end.

Merry Christmas

Thursday 24.12.15


Ben, Becca and the team at Adapt would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and hope you have a great break over the holiday season. If you’re travelling, stay safe!

Holiday Hours:

We will re-open next week for Monday 28th, Tuesday 29th and Wednesday 30th for a 9am session each day. Please book into your sessions via MBO.  We will then re-open fully from Monday the 4th of January.



Snatches @ 60/40kg

Post your times and loads to SugarWOD on your mobile device.

The Bear Complex

Wednesday 23.12.15

The Bear Complex

Complete 5 working sets of the below:

7 cycles of:
1 power clean
1 front squat
1 push press
1 back squat
1 push press

Coaches notes:
– You MUST hold onto the barbell for 7 cycles without putting the bar down
– Do a set (7 cycles) then rest, add weight and repeat for a total of 5 working sets, increasing the load each time.

* Make sure you record your working sets. Your final score is what you successfully completed. Don’t count partial rounds completed as your final score. You can record any failed attempts in your training notes.

Muscle ups and Front Squats

Thursday 17.12.15

Luke and Ben busting out the #muscleups #adaptcf #15point3 #crossfitopen

30 min AMRAP:
10 / 6 muscle ups (anyhow)
10 front squats @ 70% of 1RM
800m run

Post loads and rounds to comments below or to SugarWOD on your mobile device


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