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New AdaptCF Competitor Sessions

I’m excited to announce that starting next Thursday at 5pm (5.2.16) we will be introducing a competitor session This class will be suited to those who have forged a foundation in strength, conditioning and body awareness. The classes will involve a high volume of work and technical proficiency and will be structured in a similar way to […]

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3RM Thruster & 6min AMRAP

Friday 20.11.15 A: 3 rep max Thruster B: 3×8 Pendlay Row 3×10 Glute Bridge C: 6min AMRAP 7 T2B/Knee Raises or 14 Sit Ups 14 Wall Balls 10/6kg 200m Run **Smash Clash 2015 is tomorrow!!! The gym will be closed guys so come down to 7 London Circuit and cheer on everyone competing** Post loads, rounds […]

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20RM Back Squat & A Partner WOD

Friday 13.11.15 A: 20RM Back Squat B: Accessory Work 3×10 Good Mornings 3×10 Barbell Box Step Ups C: Partner WOD 12min AMRAP Partner 1 400m Run (Timer) Partner 2 (AMRAP) 3 Dumbbell Man Makers 20/10kg 6 Box Jumps @24/20 9 Bumper Ground to Overhead 20/10kg –Then 2min ME Push Ups– **one person working at a time** Post […]

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Light Back Squats & Weight Pistols

Friday 6.11.15 A: 3×10 Back Squats @50% of 1RM B: ‘8 minute Ladder’ 2 Weighted Pistols 16/8kg + 4 Sit Ups 4 Weighted Pistols 16/8kg + 8 Sit Ups 6 Weighted Pistols 16/8kg + 12 Sit Ups **Climb as far as you can in 8minutes C: Max Meters on the C2 Rower in ’36’ Pulls […]

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Front Squats, Toes 2 Bar & Dumbbell Snatches

Friday 30.10.15 Strength: 5-3-2-2-2-1 “Front Squat” **Working up to a heavy single** Accessory Work:  3×10 Barbell Box Step Ups 3×10 Heavy Kettlebell Swings Partner METCON: P1 400m Run (Timer) P2 AMRAP 10 T2B 20 Alternating Dumbbell Snatches @20/10kg 40 Double Unders **Swap once 400m run is completed and P1 takes over from P2** Post Loads, […]

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It’s Back! 30RM Push Jerk

Friday 16.10.15 A: Strict Press 5X5 (Take the barbell from floor) B: 30RM Push Jerk C: Partner METCON 12min AMRAP (Round for Round with a mate) 3 Burpees 6 T2B/Knee Raises/Sit Ups 9 Box Jumps 24/20″ Rest 60seconds then 2min ME Double Under **Craig & I have planned an epic Saturday WOD which we are very […]

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Max Height Box Jump, L-Sits & Goblet Squats

Friday 9.10.15 A: Max Height Box Jump B: 3x 60sec L-Sit Hold 3x ME Ring Dips Rest 90 seconds between the two C: 5RFT 200m Run 20 Goblet Squats @32/24KG Post Loads, rounds, reps and training notes to SugarWOD (on your smartphone) or comments below and please fill out the Athlete Stress & Recovery Survey:

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