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BTWB Tutorial 1

I am astounded by the number of people who have signed up for BTWB! Well done guys. The first thing you want to do as you log in is set Adapt as your Gym so that you can get the programming. I’ve made a short video below that explains how to do that. Enioy. James […]

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Snatch Complex and an AMRAP

Welcome back! Monday 5.1.15 A) Strength Snatch Complex: Power Snatch TNG Power Snatch Hang Snatch OHS B) Strength 3×10 Unbroken Power Snatch @ 50-60% of above Focus on smooth cycling of reps C) Conditioning AMRAP 8mins RX: 10x Pullups 20x Box Jumps (24/20) 40x Double Unders FF: 10x Ring rows 20x Box Jump/Step Ups 40x Double […]

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Snatch and Clean+Jerk Max

Monday 22.12.14 Dave “the Photobomber” Paletua, featuring Sara and Liv at Smash Clash.   Strength  Snatch Max  Clean and Jerk Max Coaches notes: Plenty of time to work towards a max Make sure to rest between heavy reps   A quick reminder of the gym open times this week. Monday: Business as usual Tuesday: Business […]

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Max Snatch and Helen

Big congrats to Tahni and Karl for placing 2nd and 3rd respectively overall on the weekend at Smash Clash! Awesome work to by all the competitors, especially our Adapt crew. Monday 08.12.14 A. Strength Max Snatch! (15min) Notes: work up to a max, not necessarily a 1rm. B. Conditioning Helen!! (14min cap) 3RFT: 400m run 21 […]

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Devils Complex and some Volume Work

Monday 01.12.14 Caption this. Sean with a 128kg C+J. Strength: Devils Complex (max complex) Clean Hang Clean Push Jerk Split Jerk Snatch Balance TNG Snatch Hang Snatch Compare to 20.06.2014 Volume: EMOM 10 minutes HSPU 1-4 Strict 4-6 kipping Pick a number and try to stick with it for the whole 10 mins – go for […]

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Move a Ton

Today’s workout is ‘Move A Ton’ and also James and Karl’s first sessions coaching. The post 830am crew, thanks guys and girls! Move: 1,000kg (guys) / 600kg (girls) in each of the following movements – Snatch (any type – from the floor) Clean & Jerk (any type – from the floor) Back Squat (take the bar from […]

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