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Saturday 13.03.09 B.E.S.T. Workout with John

Warm up: jogging, knee push ups, bodyweight squats, dynamic stretches, bodyweight good mornings Conditioning: 3 rounds, 1 minute at each station, 20 seconds between stations, 1 minute between rounds tyre drag, backwards run med ball throw behind head and duck walk med ball basketball John Travoltas Jane Fondas flutter kicks Cool down: Walking, stretches

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Saturday 07.03.09 – B.E.S.T. workout with John

Warm up: run with bounds and heel flicks frankensteins resisted rows resisted chest press Conditioning phase 1: 2 rounds, 1 minute at each station and 20 seconds between stations, 1 minute rest between rounds tyre drag med ball tennis dead man poke med ball bounces flutter kicks dynamic stretch station Conditioning phase 2: 10x prone […]

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valentines day workouts 14.02.09

Guys: unleash the beast – with Arryn warm up: 2 rounds of: group jog (forward, backwards, sideways) to jumping jacks, push-ups (wide,close) air squats tackles/shoulder charge x 3 workout: working for 1min: recovery/transition for 30secs -> 3 rounds of: rope gather (+32kg) standing russian twist keg deadlift to pushup russian twists or other ab variation […]

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Girls B.E.S.T. workout 07.02.09

Warm up: traffic controller with down front, down back Workout: working for 45secs: recover/transition for 20secs, 3 rounds of: knee push-ups body weight squat standing russian twist single leg deadlift (kettlebell) DB alternating table row ropes gone wild tire drag abs: working for 45secs: recover/transition for 20secs, 3 rounds of: front plank ab cycle lying […]

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John’s first group session

John delivered a total smash session last Saturday with the 3 guys that came calling for time out after the third round… Here's what he ran: Warm up: between cones 20m apart: Jog Carioca Frankensteins Heel flicks 8-count bodybuilders x3 (mega burpee variation) Sprint Jog Workout:  x3 8 minute body-blitz circuits – 20 secs between […]

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Wednesday workout with the boys 21.01.09

I've been trying to get more guys along to our Wednesday work outs and totally racking my brains trying to craft an email that would pull on the heart strings of the guys on the email list… Well my latest email seemed to hit the spot as at today's session we had 10 guys rock […]

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Saturday morning session with the boys 31.01.09

Warm up: Agility ladder (high + fast knees) -> 4 cone shuttle -> shoulder charge|drop|push-up|roll & run seal jacks x30 workout: part 1 main – working: 55secs:20 recovery -> 3 rounds of (station based): elevated push-ups box squats kettlebell swing sledge hammer on tire ropes gone wild farmers walk (2x 20ltr jerrys) part 2 abs […]

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Unleash the Beast & B.E.S.T. workouts

Had our second Saturday morning session with the boys on the Saturday just past. Only 4 people this time round but to the guys that rocked up: excellent work – it was a cracker! John ran it and it wasn't a bad effort for his first attempt. I ran the girls session directly after the […]

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