2018 CrossFit Games Highlights

Just in case you missed it, the #2018CrossFitGames wrapped up today -> SPOILER ALERT: Matt Fraser & Tia-Clare Toomey won (again) Take the time to watch this highlight reel, listen to each and every word Sean Woodland says – If it doesn’t give you goosebumps or get you excited about exercising, I’m not sure what … Read more

Focus For August – The Olympic Lifts

Focus for August: The Olympic Lifts

In August, we’ll be focusing on the Olympic Lifts (clean and jerk + snatch). Bring. It. On. Taz and Pat Barber (the guys behind our day-to-day programming #WUWO) have enlisted the skills of Chad Vaughn, to help us focus on Olympic Lifting technique. We won’t be lifting any more than usual in workouts, but you … Read more

Why Do You Train?

Can you remember when you first started on your health and fitness journey? If you can think back to when you started – can you remember why?