Got Community? Because Adapt Just Feels Like Home

Home. Sweet. Home.

Culture. It’s different in every gym. Is your gym friendly and inviting? Does the person at the front desk know you by name? Do they care about where you’re at and call you if they haven’t seen you in a while? I’ve been trying to distil what it is exactly that makes my gym: Adapt … Read more

After The Open

Saturday morning class group shot after 19.5

So how’d you go? Did you end up competing in The Open? In case you missed it, the last 5 weeks have been dedicated to getting through the Open – both in actually doing the open myself and helping the rest of the Adapt coaches, get all our peeps through it It’s so rad to … Read more

A Physiotherapist’s thoughts on CrossFit

Just over one year ago, I opened Torque Physiotherapy inside Adapt I won’t lie – I had never tried CrossFit, and initially, I had little inclination to do so, despite an extensive sporting background ranging from distance running, and triathlon to gymnastics, and bodybuilding. Every ounce of my regimented Runner’s mentality pleaded against it (after … Read more