The Best Is Yet To Come

A couple of weeks ago I got a chance to hang out with some of the older gents at Adapt for PT – more specifically, Rich & Ashish For guys in their 50s, boy are they inspiring. They both operate on the mantra: “The best is yet to come!” As a guy, around 10 years … Read more

Introducing Juan Canon

Photo of Juan Canon

We’re delighted to announce that we have a new senior coach joining the team: Juan Canon Hailing from Colombia, Juan has been coaching CrossFit for more than 5 years His previous coaching roles included time at CrossFit Kova and CF Wooloongabba in Brisbane, and more recently CrossFit Smash in Braddon You can follow Juan on … Read more

Josh’s Big News – End Of An Era

It seems like the time away from the gym has given Josh a chance to think about what’s important and reevaluate his role as a coach at Adapt. He’s decided to call it on his coaching gig with Adapt, in favour of a 9-5 job in the public service If this is news to you, … Read more