December 29

Are You A Movement Master?


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How long have you been training for?

Would you consider yourself a movement master or a novice?

When starting your fitness journey, you’re going to come across a variety of movements that you’ll need to master.

Here are three keys to become a Master

Key #1: Embrace a Beginner’s Mindset.

When you first started at school, you wouldn’t have known how to read and write (well maybe a little), it’s something you had to work hard at to get better at it.

Exercise is the exact same thing. A set of skills that you need to practice in order to get better at.

You shouldn’t expect to come into the gym and be able to move flawlessly the first time you try something (eg snatch, handstand pushup), it’s going to take lots of dedicated time to develop the strength, speed and technique needed to master these movements.

Even the most basic of movements can take years to master.

So instead of focusing on the end result, embrace a beginner’s mindset and engage in the process of learning

Key #2: Don’t Rush It.

When you first start learning how to move you should take your time to learn the basics.

Learn the correct technique before your start throwing plates around the gym like a madman!!

Learn your positions, learn how to brace under load and practice these even when you’re not at the gym (every little bit counts right?).

When I was first learning how to lift, I would practice the 3 different positions for my snatch and clean in front of my bathroom mirror of a morning and of an evening, feeling the different positions and how to transition from one to the next.

I took it slow to begin with and increased my intensity with time, making sure that I listened to my coaches as they corrected me along the way.

Key #3: Commit to the Journey.

If you’ve made the decision to start your fitness journey, know this, it will be a long one. Full of ups and downs

Don’t be disheartened when things aren’t going as well as you planned, just keep moving forward

The cool thing about CrossFit is that we don’t have to do this journey alone – you can learn from people who’ve been doing it longer than you and teach people who started after you

Engage in the opportunity to develop new skills, take your time and stay the course – do that and you’re well on the way to developing a lifelong fitness practice

All the best,

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