March 28

After The Open


So how’d you go?

Did you end up competing in The Open?

In case you missed it, the last 5 weeks have been dedicated to getting through the Open – both in actually doing the open myself and helping the rest of the Adapt coaches, get all our peeps through it

It’s so rad to be part of something so much bigger than ourselves – getting to compete or at least, do the exact same workouts alongside the very best in the world – you get to see how you stack up against the likes of Matt Fraser and Tia Claire Toomey and makes you realise just how super-human these guys are?!

Having registered and competed over the last few weeks, I can tell you that it’s very different to just do the workouts (not being registered) versus:
– having signed up, 
– doing the best you can, 
– being held to a set standard, 
– submitting your score at the end of each workout, 
– waiting to have it validated; and 
– then waiting to see how you place on the worldwide leaderboard -> yeah, that carries a shit-tonne more weight

The Open exposes your weaknesses

That phrase actually stings me a little – I mean the definition of “to expose” (verb) means “To expose something that is usually hidden means to uncover it so that it can be seen…”

Boy oh boy did it uncover a few of my weaknesses for all to see – most namely: strict handstand push-ups and chest to bar pull-ups – oh and my limited ability to breathe under duress and keep on moving – yes, I’m talking about “engine” – yay for aerobic capacity (DOH!)

The benefit of uncovering your weaknesses means you now know where you need to be spending your time to turn that weakness into a strength or at the very least, less of a weakness

I actually think that it’s simultaneously one of the best (and worst) things about CrossFit – e.g. every time I do a workout, I’m like “Ah shit, I suck at << insert poor movement and/or modality here >>…” 

It’s the best because you can take this new awareness and do the work required to eliminate your weakness, or it’s the worst because you can limit the discomfort by avoiding that specific movement every time it comes up in a WOD or skipping a session altogether

In the end, it all comes down to EGO and how you manage it

If you signed up for and made it through the Open, then I’d like to congratulate you! Congratulations on rocking up every weekend for the last 5 weeks. Congratulations on getting into the arena, and doing the best you could do. Congratulations for helping out and hanging out – thank you so much!

If you didn’t register, then the good news is that there are two Opens in 2019 (yup, it’s a transition year) and there’s another one in October! Say What?!

In the coming months, I know what I’ll need to be working on to put myself into a better position come October and to be honest, it’s mostly about consistency

– Consistency in Training
– Consistency in nutrition
– Consistency in managing my sleep and stress; and
– Consistency in putting “first things first”

Training every day will put you in a position to do better in October – Monthly catch-ups with your coach will help you to eliminate your weaknesses and put you in a place to do better – managing your EGO will help you do better…

An here’s the thing, we can’t wait to help you

We do the same workouts that you do, we’re right there by your side – down in the trenches with you, trying to build our fitness one disgusting workout at a time too πŸ˜‰

We got you, and we love doing this with you!

All the best,
Coach & Owner
Adapt CrossFit

Post Open Celebrations at Capital Brewing

PS: I’d love to hear how the Open went for you – What was your best (and worst) experience? What have you learnt about yourself and what will you need to be working on over the coming months to do better in October?

Leave a comment to let me know! ~ B


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