March 25

Adapt | Improvise | Overcome – 25.3.20 Update


The situation is literally changing hour to hour.

We just found out that we’ll be able to run outdoor, bootcamp-style training sessions for up to 10 people – Yew!

Josh will head that up so you can expect more information from him this afternoon…

I rode into the gym this morning to be here to oversee the pickup of the last few bits of gear we have to lend out

The ride. The fresh air. Just moving again. Damn I needed it. I found it super-cathartic – dodging traffic, popping wheelies and bunny hopping up curbs makes me smile

I came in, saw an empty whiteboard and got busy – writing up all my thoughts and plans to get us through the next few weeks

The thing going through my head was “Adapt. Improvise. Overcome.”
In our current situation, the people who can do that first – will indeed overcome – and come out the other side of this fitter, healthier and more resilient than when it all started – and I really believe that

Instead of me trying to put into written words what I said, best bet is to watch the video below 😉

In yesterday’s email I outlined the first two points of my Adapt Battle Plan – In today’s email I just want to cover: 3. Coach Support – Our Promise to you

Over this crazy time I want you to know that Josh, Becca and myself are here for you and will do everything in our power to help you continue to improve your health, fitness, and outlook on life

We want to support you through this testing time with a variety of online workout options, 1:1 PT options, individualised programming & support, as well as nutritional guidance and ongoing accountability

Online Workouts

@ Home workout option (minimal/no gear)

We will create daily @ home workouts including options with clear instruction and video demos. Starting from tomorrow, each workout will include a warm-up and stretches to cooldown

Virtual Class option (delivered via Zoom)

Our aim is to run 2 virtual class sessions each day (via Zoom) and today, we’re going to test our first virtual class at 5:30pm -> Here’s the meeting link:

1:1 PT Options – Garage Gym Visits

As most of our members have Hybrid memberships that provide you access to regular 1:1 PT sessions, we want to continue this service where possible

If you have gear at home, and/or require a personalised assessment of your space, your equipment and some guidance on how to best use what you have – then we’re here to help

Sometimes all you need is a fresh set of eyes and a different perspective -> if all you had was your body (and no equipment at all) you’d be surprised at the amount of options available to build strength, stamina, balance and skill #justsayin

If we come to you or you come to us (for a garage gym session), we will continue to follow best practice/current gov. guidelines around social distancing and cleanliness procedures for everyone’s safety.

Please let us know if you are sick or become infected and we’ll see if we can organise a virtual PT session instead #staythef$%khome

Virtual PT sessions

A lot of the work I do (specifically with my clients) goes far beyond movement instruction and strength training. We spend a fair bit of time working on self awareness, mindfulness and emotional intelligence via personality profiling and life coaching

Please let me know if you’d like to organise a virtual session to set some priorities, and plans to stay ahead of the current situation.

Believe it or not, this change is a massive opportunity to do the self work needed to live your best life. Success in life doesn’t just come from having a fit and capable body, it also requires a resilient and clear mind #knowthyself

Nutritional Guidance

When people get stressed out, they tend to eat rubbish, drink more and practice shitty lifestyle habits eg. staying up too late, sitting on the couch watching way too much TV, etc.

Knowing what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat can be a real game-changer and lead to you reaching your physical goals much sooner – working out is only 1/2 the story – actually, it’s a 1/4 of the story (but I’ll save that for another email)

If you would like to chat with me about your nutrition, or perhaps like me to answer any food questions you might have – next week I’ll post up a link to my calendar where you’ll be able to book in for a call or virtual sesh – so stay tuned


Our aim is to ensure no one falls through the cracks!

YOUR coach will check-in with you regularly to ensure you have everything you need to succeed and make sure you’re staying on track – with workouts, nutrition and positive lifestyle practices

We’ll call you, we’ll SMS you, we’ll email you, we’ll send a fricken carrier pigeon to make sure you come out the other side fitter, healthier and mentally tougher than you are now 🙂

I think that’s about it for this email and yes, I know it was a doozy but I’m just trying be proactive while I out run a grizzly, while juggling knives, on quicksand…

As always, hit the [REPLY] button if you’ve got questions and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can

All the best,


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