January 21

New 6-Week Lunchtime Program – Hmmm, I might call it F30 ;)


If you live or work in Belconnen, are short on time but still need to get your fitness on we’ve got you covered with our new 6-Week Lunchtime Program – 3x 30 minute sessions, on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays at 12:15 pm

30 minutes may not seem like very long but we assure you, it’s more than enough to get your heart rate up, get you sweaty and build your aerobic capacity (cardio)

Each session kicks off with a short warm-up and includes mobility and activation drills. Then it’s straight into a short but intense, Interval Weight Training (IWT) style workout to get you moving, all in 30 minutes 😉

We wanted to keep things simple so we’ve ditched complex barbell movements like snatches and clean & jerks for dumbbell presses, kettlebell swings, sandbag carries and foundational bodyweight movements – There are no fitness level prerequisites because every single movement can be scaled to something simpler and/or fewer reps

For more established athletes, there are plenty of opportunities to scale up too – Eg. you can likely expect more advanced bodyweight movements like pull-ups, handstand push-ups and muscle-ups

If you’re new to training or have decided that 2020 is the year to get in the best shape of your life, these lunchtime sessions are perfect to try out a shorter, simplified training CrossFit-style session before commencing our Fundamentals program and joining our regular CrossFit classes

The new lunchtime sessions have already kicked off for our existing members but the 6-week Program kicks off in earnest on the 3rd of Feb. The cost of the program is $190 (for 6 weeks) but if you register before the end of the month, and use the following code: EARLYBIRD31 – to get it for $159 (save $31)


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