January 3

2021. How to make it the your best year ever!


I hope you had an awesome new years!

I spent mine down the coast and I just got back on Friday – it was so good to spend some time at the beach and hang out with my girls

I’m actually feeling pretty determined for the year ahead – I’ve done a fair bit of thinking about what I want out of 2021 and I’ve written down a list (I love lists)

There’s still a lot of fear and uncertainty around as no one really knows what’s gonna happen as far as COVID goes

Fear, anxiety and depression come from uncertainty – “can I go and see my family?… or is the border going to be closed with a moments notice and/or the threat of 2 week quarantine?!”

Many things including border closures fall outside your control but there’s still a lot of things within your control, including taking a proactive stance on your health and fitness

You can can decide to move more and be intentional about your nutritional intake. You can decide to do more of the the things that restore your soul – to seek out the simple things like getting outdoors and walking up a mountain

You can be proactive about making decisions to limit your exposure to negativity or things that steal your joy – perhaps it’s time to switch off the news, and take a break from Instagram, because it’s only a distraction and “comparison is the thief of joy”

One thing I’m certain of is, you can’t do it by yourself – you’re gonna need to find yourself a tribe

We all need people in our corner. We need to surround ourselves with people who are already achieving the things we seek – a community of like-minded individuals that come together with a shared vision and purpose. Others that we can identify with and people that support our efforts in taking positive action

If you want to move more,  hang out with people who are moving more. If you want to make positive and sustainable changes to your nutrition,  seek out someone who’s already done that, and ask them how to get started

An invitation

If you’re keen to start the new year with a purpose, or perhaps you’d like to speak to someone who can help you come with a plan, then I’d like to invite you to get in touch – simply be replying to this post

If you’re located in Canberra, let’s book in a time to catch up catch up for a brew and whiteboard session

If you’re not in Canberra, then let’s organise a time to chat over the phone and see what we can figure out together 😉

Here’s to 2021 being the best year ever!

All the best,


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