November 30

2020 Christmas Shutdown Dates & Focus For December


I hope you’ve had a great weekend

I didn’t managed to get out an email last week because I was still trying to figure out what I wanted to say

I do have something brewing but it’s not quite there yet so I thought I’ve give you our Christmas Shutdown Dates and gives you an overview of what to expect over December and the coming week – spoiler alert: It’s gonna be a biggie…


Please note our Christmas Shutdown Dates below:

  • Thursday 24 Dec (Xmas Eve) -> open for 5:30am, 6:30am and 10am
  • Friday 25 Dec (Xmas Day) -> closed
  • Saturday 26 Dec (Boxing Day) -> closed
  • Sunday 27 Dec – closed
  • Monday 28 Dec (Boxing Day Public Holiday) -> closed

FOCUS FOR DECEMBER: Fitness Testing & Mobility

Every six months or so we do a selection of classic CrossFit benchmark workouts and some WUWO specific WODs

Testing and retesting these workouts gives you a chance to 1. establish a baseline and 2. helps you see if your training is delivering results (or not) Is our program actually making you fitter, faster and stronger?

It’s the reason we encourage you to track your workout results in SugarWOD -> so you can look back on where you used to be and see how much you’ve improved over the course of 6-12 months?

We’ll also be spending time in each class running you through a fine selection of mobility drills to (you guessed it) improve your mobility -> Our aim is to help you squat lower, and get a better overhead position on a barbell
— Expect a little something something on the daily for that


You know how you have those weeks where you think to yourself “I’m pretty sure that this is the hardest week of programming I’ve ever encountered…” Ahhh, ok brace yourself… Let me know what you think after this week 😉

Today’s workout is a Hero Workout called McGhee…


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