August 6

2018 CrossFit Games Highlights


Just in case you missed it, the #2018CrossFitGames wrapped up today -> SPOILER ALERT: Matt Fraser & Tia-Clare Toomey won (again)

Take the time to watch this highlight reel, listen to each and every word Sean Woodland says – If it doesn’t give you goosebumps or get you excited about exercising, I’m not sure what will

The guys who competed over the weekend are the “tip of the spear – the 0.01%”, and sometimes you can be forgiven for thinking you need that level of fitness, just to get started…

Nothing could be further from the truth

Our box is filled with regular, every-day people, of all shapes and sizes, cultures and persuasions, with varying levels of fitness

We train mums, dads, sons and daughters, grandparents, public servants, business owners, students, and just about anyone looking to improve their lives through regular exercise

Don’t be distracted by the latest apps, diets and hacks promising you the world – it’s just another distraction (and deep down, you know it)

If you’re serious about doing something about your health and fitness and becoming the fittest you’ve ever been – then we’d love to help get your CrossFit journey started

Train with and learn from people who walk the talk – get support and next-level accountability from our world-class coaches and friendly community

What are you waiting for? Send us a message already 😉

~ Ben


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