When The Going Gets Tough…

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Ever heard of sliding or shifting goal posts?

I was chatting to Wayne the other day after one of our challenging ‘Wednesday WODs’ about how much worse it could have been if the coaches had of decided to drop another round on to the end…

He recounted the story of his early days in the SAS, trying to get through selection. He can remember having to do a 100km pack march. At the end, the trucks were there, waiting to pick them up. They all got on only to be told to get off again and walk back.

Obviously, this was done to test their mental fortitude, by having the recruits give their all, to get so close to the finish line – only to have the finish line moved further away.

Crossfit is about getting comfortable with being uncomfortable and every day you train, you not only get to build a stronger body but also a stronger mind.

Tonight’s Sunday arvo gee-up is asking you the following question “When you’ve given your all and more is asked of you, how will you respond?”

  • Will you crumble like a cookie and fall in a heap?
  • Will you spit the dummy and walk out? or
  • Will you step up and do the work?

If the coaches decide to shift the goal posts in the gym this week – to give you more, after you’ve given your all… What will you do?

~ Coach B

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Coach B

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