Do You Still Train When You Go On Holidays?

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Are you heading away for a break anytime soon?

Were you thinking about training while you’re away?

I know there’s no place like home, but boy do I love checking out other CrossFit Boxes when I’m on holidays…

A Much Needed Break

I just got back from a week away up on the Gold Coast (North Burleigh Beach to be exact) with Becca and the girls – We had an excellent time, but it was good to get back to the gym and train with all my #adaptcf crew yesterday

I’d like to thank our rad team of Coaches: Rosey, Kenyah and Josh for the holding the fort while we were away – I appreciate you guys and can’t thank you enough – our week was incredible and just what the doctor ordered after the wrapping up this year’s Open 😉

Before we left, I’d already decided that I was still going to train every day. Find a box close to the hotel and kick off each day with a WOD, an espresso and perhaps a post-session swim at the beach – weather permitting of course

I was thinking about dropping into a different box each day and doing a video review of it after the session. That was until I got in contact with the guys at Live Elite CrossFit in Burleigh Heads

After Google-ling local CF boxes, reading some reviews and checking out their respective websites, I decided that the first box to train at was Live Elite CrossFit. I dropped them a line via their website and must have got a response within the hour – they also had a holiday promo going: $30 for a week of training, so I just had to check them out

It was about a 5-minute drive from our hotel and even though there was another box literally 250m across the road – I’d say that it was LECF’s sleek website, fast response time, cost and the fact that it was Zeke Grove’s box that made me choose Live Elite

For those of you that didn’t know, Zeke Grove not only trains there but is one of the coaches

Zeke made it to the CF Games last year after finishing 4th at the Regionals and this year; he’s managed to qualify for the Aussie Regionals again by finishing a very respectable 10th in the Open – I’ll certainly be cheering him up at Regionals in a couple of weeks

A Fly on the wall

I love dropping into someone else’s gym. To be a fly on the wall and see how someone else does it. To be part of a class as opposed to running one. To feel what it’s like to be a newbie again (well sort of) To feel nervous (because I don’t know anyone) and have to introduce myself to others. To sweat it out with all their regulars – I fricken love it!

I love learning from the experience too – After each session at Live Elite, I’d jot down some notes in Evernote – specifically what I’d learnt

It could have been a different style warm-up or mobility drill. It might have been the way the coach explained the WOD or a specific way they stored their gear

Every single day I trained with the guys I managed to take something away – I’ll be bringing some of their good stuff back to Adapt – “steal with pride” yeah

If you’re heading away and want to keep up with your training then I’d strongly recommend checking out the local CF box.

Do some research, read the online reviews and rock up for a session

Trust me, you’ll know within ten mins if you’re at the right place or not and with the sheer number of boxes around these days (just like Canberra, there are heaps on the Gold Coast) there’ll be plenty of options if your first pick doesn’t live up to expectations

If you do manage to drop in, take note how they run their sessions

  • What do you like?
  • What would you do differently?
  • Did you learn anything?

You’ve also got to be prepared to get outside of your comfort zone and introduce yourself to others because most of the time, the members are just as nervous as you are (not because they’re trying to be rude)

I loved LECF and the way they ran things, so next time I’m up on the Gold Coast, I’ll definitely be dropping back in to visit Zeke, James and the crew at Live Elite CrossFit – Legends!


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