If Your Coach Isn’t Programming This – They’re Letting You Down…

Just in case you haven’t noticed, we’ve been doing a lot more aerobic work at Adapt recently and we thought we’d take the time to explain why

Aerobic Capacity is a key marker of fitness and is part of any decent strength and conditioning program worth its salt – If your coaches don’t include this type of training then it might be time to find a new gym because they’re letting you down – or at least a key component of your fitness

While it is true that you’ll do better in CrossFit if you’re a stronger athlete – any strength work should be supported by a solid aerobic base

Based on the performances we saw in this year’s Open workouts – strength wasn’t the limiting factor – it was one’s ability to breathe under duress – eg. over the box burpees, double-unders, rowing, etc.

Cyclical movements like running, rowing, riding and skipping build your aerobic capacity.

A well-rounded athlete needs to spend time with each movement, over a variety of different distances and time domains


  • run, row, ride
  • do all out sprints – eg. 100m, 200m, 400m or 500m row,
  • do interval based, lactic threshold work – eg. fast paced 800m, 1600m, up to 3kms; as well as
  • go for longer distances – eg. 5-10km and even longer (think half marathons, etc.)

Do this, and I guarantee you’ll not only notice improvements to your aerobic capacity but improve your Fran time and other engine based metcon times too

Coach B

Coach and Owner of Adapt CrossFit