There’s way more to Adapt than just getting fit

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I was listening to Michael E Gerber’s Book: The E Myth Revisited while I cleaned the gym this afternoon

As I listened through (Chapter 16: Your People Strategy) a couple of pages really resonated with me…

So often I try to explain to others (sometimes unsuccessfully) what Becca and I are trying to do with Adapt

Of course we’re here to help people get fitter, faster and stronger but to be honest, it’s so much more than that

I think the following passages from Michael’s book masterfully puts into words something I’ve been struggling to explain for a very long time – check it out…


Most people today are not getting what they want.

Not from their jobs, not from their families, not from their religion, not from their government, and, most important, not from themselves.

Something is missing in most of our lives.
Part of what’s missing is purpose. Values.
Worthwhile standards against which our lives can be measured.

Part of what’s missing is a Game Worth Playing.

What’s also missing is a sense of relationship.

People suffer in isolation from one another.

In a world without purpose, without meaningful values, what have we to share but our emptiness, the needy fragments of our superficial selves?

As a result, most of us scramble about hungrily seeking distraction, in music, in television, in people, in drugs.

And most of all we seek things.

Things to wear and things to do.
Things to fill the emptiness.
Things to shore up our eroding sense of self.
Things to which we can attach meaning, significance, life.

We’ve fast become a world of things. And most people are being buried in the profusion.

What most people need, then, is a place of community that has purpose, order, and meaning.

A place in which being human is a prerequisite, but acting human is essential.

A place where the generally disorganised thinking that pervades our culture becomes organised and clearly focused on a specific worthwhile result.

A place where discipline and will become prized for what they are: the backbone of enterprise and action, of being what you are intentionally instead of accidentally.

A place that replaces the home most of us have lost.

That’s what a business [AdaptCF] can do; it can create a Game Worth Playing.

It can become that place of community.

It can become that place where words such as integrity, intention, commitment, vision, and excellence can be used as action steps in the process of producing a worthwhile result.

I loved it so much that I actually had to stop mopping and listen to it a couple of times – I even got the kindle version, so I could read over too – To quote a friend “it’s not the words themselves, but where they (the words) take you…”

maybe this resonates with you and maybe it doesn’t

If it does and you’re looking for a place to train and a rad community to belong to – Somewhere that encourages you to be your best self and holds you to a higher standard – then I’d like to meet you and should definitely give us a call

because you’d absolutely love it here 😃

Coach B

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Sharing is Caring ;)
Coach B

Husband of @rebeccafwarren. Dad of Madz & Isabelle. Coach & Owner of @adaptcrossfit. One Passionate Dude.