Baby Come Back!

This is the first time I’ve ever resorted to using a cute little kitten pic to communicate the fondness that I have for people committed to physical training – or more specifically, the feeling I have towards people who are battling to get back into it after time off due to sickness, injury or holidays

See the kitten’s eyes… These are my eyes….

Do you feel that?

If you’re battling to get back into training after time off – this. is. for. you.

To reap the rewards of any physical fitness program you’re going to have to actually commit to it

When it comes to results – eg. Better body composition, improved performance and an abundance of party tricks (eg. handstand push-ups and muscle-ups, etc.) -> CONSISTENCY beats short sporadic bursts of enthusiasm – every. single. time.

But what if you get sick, injured or find yourself heading away for some well deserved R&R?

What about the road back to training?

So you missed a couple of classes because you came down with a cold or pulled your groin playing touch footy

It’s OK to take some time off to get better and let your body mend but when does a small break turn into too much time?

If you’ve ever been away for a holiday and decided to put training on the back burner for a week or two, perhaps you also found it hard to get back into the gym after the break

It’s all in your head…

One of the biggest blocks to people coming back into the gym after time off is worrying about what others will think…

We all have the ability to run some pretty negative stories in our minds – problem is when you run them long enough, you can start to believe them. You get that crazy eye and worry that people (your friends and training buddies) are saying things like “Damn, So&So hasn’t been here for weeks – look how weak and pathetic he or she’s become…” or “Yeeshe – didn’t So&So pack on some weight… they’ve only been away for a month?!”

But here’s the thing….

People don’t say that

Your mind might be saying that, but no one else is saying that – it’s all in your head!

One thing I’ve learnt over the years is that people are way too busy worrying about themselves to be worried about you ‘slacking off’

The athletes, the coaches – all the awesome peeps that make up our rad community are genuinely stoked that you turned up to have a go – sure you had some time off but now that you’re here, right beside us, sweating it out, sharing in the pain and celebrating the wins – dishing out fist-bumps after solid efforts all round – well everyone loves that. It’s just how we roll #effortEarnsRespect

So here it is: If you’ve been having trouble getting back into the gym because you think that people will judge you for slacking off – [THWACK!] I just slapped you in the face… no not really, but I’m sure you get what I’m trying to say…

Don’t believe the hype (that your mind is creating) realise that no one is saying anything about you and kick it (your mind) in the balls and get your arse back in the gym!

I know we started with a cute little kitten and ended with a slap in the face but trust me, it’s coming from a good place

Go back and look at those cute little kitten eyes – These are my eyes….

Much love,
Coach B

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Coach B

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