Meet the Members: Jo

In this Meet the Members we interview Jo Burns – Jo is a regular at the 10am sessions and goes to the occasional PM with her parter Matt.

1: How long have you been with Adapt?
Just finishing my first month- and I love it!  I’ve been doing crossfit for 2.5 years now and its part of my life.

2: Favourite workout / exercise?
On the barbell I love a good push press and any workout with kettlebell swings is my friend.

3: Least favourite workout / exercise?
Snatching and I are not yet on good speaking terms (but I’m working on it) and I wish there was less of me to do pull ups with.

4: Best things in life: you like…? (Eg. I like long walks in the beach etc)
Spending time at home with my partner Matt is right up there on the list.  Board games, movies, live theatre, Broadway musicals, sleeping, cooking for friends and family brings me joy.

5: Favourite food / paleo food?
I love trying out new foods all the time!  Also learning to cook paleo versions of my most loved foods. Julie Bauer is an inspiration for this. At the moment I’m into all sorts of fermented food like kombucha and bone broths- great for gut health.

6: Favourite holiday destination?
I’ve been to Maui in Hawaii four times, and Amsterdam is always a Euro favourite. Anywhere to chill and let the days roll past is a fav.

7: Interesting fact about you?
I am a qualified music teacher and play 8 instruments fluently.

8: What were you doing to get fit before you joined Adapt?
I was busy doing Crossfit and getting fit in Dubai in the UAE.  Training in the heat is very different to chilly Canberra.

9: Do you have any special or successful Adapt memories/moments?
It seems silly but my first day at Adapt was memorable.  Everyone at the gym was super friendly and introduced themselves.  It’s a really special place to train.


10: What advise would you give to a new person at Adapt or someone thinking of joining?
Just turn up.  Getting through the front door is the hardest thing sometimes.  There is always a reason not to go to the gym but persevere. After you do that, success and gains will come- just by showing up.

Thanks Jo!

Coach Becca

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