Are You Too Cool for School?

Have you ever wanted to do something but didn’t because you were worried about looking stupid?

Perhaps you overheard some of your friends dissing the event that you’d considered doing but shrunk back for fear of association with said dissed event?

On the weekend just past I had the opportunity to compete with my daughter Madelyn in a local CrossFit comp: The Capital Unbroken Challenge

Over the course of 2 days, Maddy and I completed 8 workouts – we snatched, cleaned, squatted, did pull-ups and burpees until we collapsed on the floor. Much to my dismay, the workouts also included a gratuitous number of cardio based activities like rowing, running, assault bikes and ski ergs (oh you can feel the tricep burn…)


I got to watch some crazy performances by some insanely fit people and was inspired by some spirited performances of people closer to my level of fitness 😉

When the dust finally settled Madz and I managed to place about 16th out of the 24 mixed teams. We didn’t scale any of the WODs (Madz wouldn’t let me) and regardless of the number next to our team name, I had a hell of a good time and it was a great opportunity to hang out with my daughter

While I hated the pre WOD anxiety and regularly caught myself asking “Why the hell am I even doing this?!” in the middle of each workout – I still had a great time. The elation of knowing I’d pushed myself to the edge of my ability, helped out my little buddy and lived to tell the tale made it all worth the while

The overwhelming sense of pride, respect, camaraderie and close connection experienced by the competitors was for some people overwhelming. That ol’ blood, sweat and tears motto – yep, it was all there on the weekend… and I thought it truly brought out the best in people


The point of this email is to encourage you to do the same…

-> Go and register for the next local CrossFit comp
-> Go do a Spartan Race or Tough Mudder
-> Go sign up for something that scares you?!

Growth occurs when you get outside your comfort zone and it definitely occurs when you ditch the “I don’t want to be seen as un-cool…” mindset

I asked you earlier if you’d ever wanted to do something but didn’t because you were worried what you’d look like or what other people were going to think?

What have you missed out on recently because you didn’t want appear uncool?

If you want to share in the spoils of victory, the glory and the camaraderie of testing yourself, representing your gym and supporting your fellow athletes…

– You’re going to have to get in the ring.
– You’re going to have to ‘risk it for the biscuit’.
– You’re going to have to put your hand up and say “YES! I’m in”

You know what the most common thing I hear from people who come to support and cheer on our Adapt peeps at Smash Clash is?

“damn, I wish I’d registered and done it myself…”

So what are you waiting for? Just say “YES! I’m in”

-> Go and register for the next local CrossFit comp
-> Go do a Spartan Race or Tough Mudder
-> Go sign up for something that scares you?!

If you never have a go than you’ll never know what you’re truly capable of.

Doing CrossFit on the daily is a great way to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Every single day we’re all about having a go and I’ve gotta tell you that there isn’t a another group of guys and girls that I’d prefer to be doing this with.

If you’re thinking about registering for an upcoming comp but there’s a couple of movements you’re not 100% and want to nail before the comp, feel free to book in for a 1:1 session with myself and we’ll get you on it in no time 😉

Stay Fit,
Coach & Owner

Adapt CrossFit

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Coach B

Husband of @rebeccafwarren. Dad of Madz & Isabelle. Coach & Owner of @adaptcrossfit. One Passionate Dude.