I am enough

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself the question “Am I Enough?”

Are you?

I’m a strength and conditioning coach. I own and run a CrossFit Box, I’m a Personal Trainer and I’ve wrestled with the answer to this question many times…

While my primary goal is to help all my clients get fitter, faster and stronger – I also spend a lot of time digging a little deeper to find out what makes them tick, what trips them up and ultimately, finding out what it takes for them to get results – and sustain them

Most of the the people I work with, initially came to me because they were interested in developing the physical – eg. improvements to body composition, performance and the athlete mindset

All my guys not only walk away with the physical results but also with a much clearer understanding of what it is that ‘really’ drives them and a genuine commitment to do their best in every aspect of their life

I love this type of coaching – PT. Life Coaching. Coaching people towards total life dominance in both the physical but also mental and emotional. I love self development and I love helping all my clients on their journeys of personal growth too

If you asked me where I thought the Health & Fitness industry was heading, I’d say that we’re headed towards a more holistic approach that combines both PT and Life coaching. A model where a training session would include ‘functional’ exercise & mindfulness practices plus ongoing self development homework

Long term change to the physical requires a significant mental shift and the emotional resilience to stay the course when life throws you an inevitable curveball. You’re not training just so you can look good on your wedding day and then let everything go to shit after the honeymoon -> You’re training for life – You train to become a role model for your kids. You train to develop functional capacity and the wisdom to help others until the day you die #likeaboss

I know some people hate on self development/personal growth but if you’re not continually seeking to develop or educate yourself to become a better husband or wife, a better parent or sibling, a better business owner or employee – than all you’re doing is just existing

I’m constantly listening to audiobooks on personal and business development and follow people like Zig Ziglar, Simon Sinek and Tony Robbins. More recently I’ve been listening to a woman by the name of Brene Brown – Her book: The Power of Vulnerability has been an absolute game changer and I’m currently listening to it for the 2nd time around

She talks about shame, vulnerability and coming to the realisation that ‘you ARE enough’

Now I don’t ever try to push this [PG] stuff onto my wife Becca. I love it but I also respect the fact that she’s on her own journey. If she chooses to get into it – I’d be stoked for her and if she didn’t… well that’d be cool too

From time to time I might make mention of something useful that had come up while I’d been listening to one of my audiobooks or podcasts but I’d never be like – “Hey Darling… You really need this in your life… Hurry up and get on this personal growth bandwagon with me already…”

I had mentioned how some of the concepts in The Power of Vulnerability were impacting me but had left it at that and continued on my merry way

It wasn’t until I walked through the front door one day and busted her watching Brene’s TedX Houston Talk on Shame that I got a little bit excited – Actually, deep down inside I may have been doing a little happy dance!

Since that day I’ve noticed some changes in Becca – she seems way more chilled out and she’s happier, way more often – and when she asked me to cast my eyes across a new article she’d been writing – well I was completely blown away…

Becca already posted it to her blog and shared it on Facebook so I was super bummed because I wanted you guys to be the first to check it out but I asked her to post it up on the Adapt website as well…

You can check it out here: “I AM ENOUGH”

Stay Fit,
Coach & Owner

Adapt CrossFit

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