Chrysalis Academy 3 Winter Intensive at Lake Crackenback Resort, 3-5 June

Looking to level up and start living out your passion?

If you are, I’ve got some great news… I’m super excited to say that we’ve locked in Lake Crackenback Resort as the next Venue for our Chrysalis Academy 3 Day Intensive!

Chrysalis What Now?

OK, so before I answer that question I probably have to go back and answer the question ‘What is Adapt?’

I started Adapt CrossFit or Adapt Health & Fitness as it was originally known over 7 years ago because I wanted to help people get on top of their health and fitness. Over the years I’ve discovered what you need to do to become the fittest, fastest and strongest version of yourself

While I truly believe that exercise and nutrition should form the foundation of anyone seeking to achieve their best life, I’ve also come to learn that there are a number of other key areas one needs to develop in order to be a more effective human being and create a legacy – eg. “The thing/s that people will remember you for after you’re gone…”

Enter Chrysalis Academy

The aim of Chrysalis Academy (CA) is to help people live their best life using health and fitness as a catalyst for positive change – eg. The things we already do at Adapt – like providing guidance in the areas of physical training and nutrition I also realised that we needed to help people develop in other key areas including: self awareness, communication and time management, as well as help them identify and eliminate negative habits and self limiting beliefs

The CA program provides each participant with a platform to initiate positive change and a framework for continued whole life dominance plus the added benefit of a mastermind group of like minded peers that value action-taking and accountability

Chrysalis Academy Version 3.0 Winter Retreat – Lake Crackenback Resort 3-5 June 2016

Snow capped mountains, mountain biking goodness and a fine red by the fireplace – this Intensive won’t be like anything we’ve ever run before. If you haven’t done anything like this before, it’s a great opportunity to escape your current reality and spend some time in an inspirational space: training, eating and learning how to become the very best version of you It’ll be a time to pause, reflect and work through some of life’s big questions. Questions that we never ask because we’re either ‘too busy’ or if we’re being totally honest, too distracted and caught up in the normal day-to-day business of living

It’s an opportunity to team up with and learn from like-minded individuals also looking to ‘level up’ – and it’s this group of people that will form your ‘mastermind’ group for the following 8 weeks, helping you work through the homework we set and to stay accountable

Over the course of the weekend and the following 8 weeks, Becca, myself and a number of other mentors will give you the very best of what we have learned in our experience as coaches, business owners and real-life, human beings


If you’re interested in securing the very last spot (that’s right – we’ve already got 3 people on board and we’re loving this new ‘intimate’ format so there’s only 1 spot left) then all you need to do book in for a Call and I’ll get in contact with you, just to make sure you’re suitable and someone I can definitely help out

From there you’ll be sent a small amount of homework to complete before the Event

The event location will be Lake Crackenback Resort, NSW

We will start @ 9am on Friday and run through until Sunday afternoon at 3pm (3rd – 5th June 2016)

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Coach B

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