155kg to 87kg! Find out How Tiernan Did It…

A couple of weeks ago I managed to pull one of our members aside to chat about his health and fitness journey.

If you haven’t had a chance to meet him, Tiernan or ‘T’ as he’s more affectionately known to the AdaptCF crew, is a pretty inspirational guy.

Kung Fu master, CrossFitter and single dad, T used to be a pretty big fella, tipping the scales at 155kg!

Like most people he was pretty sceptical of the Paleo diet and decided to do the Whole30 just to show his friends that it was BS – as it turned out, he ended up losing 15kg in 30 days and now holds a very different point of view!

Over the course of 5 years Tiernan has managed to work his ass off – literally. Now, weighing in at less than 90kg – his journey continues to become a fitter, faster, stronger version of himself – improving every aspect of his life health and fitness, every single day.

PS: This is a really awesome interview – I thoroughly enjoyed sitting down with T to get his thoughts on training, motivation and life in general and I think you’ll enjoy it too đŸ˜‰

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Coach B

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