How To Do a Farmer’s Carry

Madz and I put together a little demo on performing a Farmer’s Carry (it was in Friday’s workout)

There’s usually a couple of reasons that people don’t want to do this:

  1. You’re embarrassed by your weight and/or don’t want to get up close and personal; and
  2. You don’t have control – eg. you have to put your complete faith in the person carrying you

I wanted to demo this with my daughter Madelyn because 1. she’s a good 20kg lighter than me (but can still move me no trouble at all) and 2. show you the steps to getting this right. If performed correctly, the Fireman’s Carry is an extremely effective way to move a person from point A to point B.

Scaled versions of the carry include piggy backs and 3 person throne carries but this is a super useful skill if there’s only 2 people around.

Sharing is Caring ;)
Coach B

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