8 Week Super Strength Cycle is about to drop

Don’t want to get you guys too excited about the next couple of months at Adapt CrossFit but you probably should know that we’re about to drop the most epic strength cycle we’ve ever programmed….

The CrossFit Open is over and if you’re not going to the Regionals in May then it’s time to get stuck back into some serious training to start developing the strength you need to improve on what you did this year.

While CrossFit is all about GPP – general physical preparedness, it’s pretty obvious that athletes who prioritise their strength work tend to do better than those who don’t.

The next 8 weeks is aimed at helping all our athletes develop their numbers across the following fundamental movements: front and back squat, deadlift, strict press, pull-up/chin-up and power clean.

One big week of testing (this week)

To get the most out of the upcoming cycle you’re going to want to make it to the gym every single day this week to test each of the following lifts:

  • mon – back squat
  • tue – strict press
  • wed – powerclean
  • thu – clean and jerk max
  • fri – fancy benchmark
  • sat – CF football total (all together)

Because so much of the new cycle is based on percentages – it’s important that you know your numbers and have a clear understanding of where you’re currently at.

Testing maxes this week – Every max lift you go for this week should be a thing of absolute beauty and not look like an alien’s about to bust out of your shitty rounded back #saynotobroreps #leaveyouregoatthedoor

Track your results – every. single. day.

If you don’t already track your results – track. your. results.

That which can be measured, can be managed

If you haven’t yet figured it out, people who track their results tend to stay with this whole fitness thing a hell of a lot longer, as they have a clear picture of where they’re at and what they’re aiming for in the future

Every time you train at Adapt, you get to walk away with tangible data. It might be a time, or reps, or a load or a combination but whatever you do it’s extremely important that you record it – how else will you know that you’ve improved?

Track your results for the next 8 weeks and when we retest at the end of the cycle I guarantee you’ll be blown away by all the improvements.


Once again the key to results is consistency.

The reason most people don’t get results is because they don’t stick at a program long enough to actually see results. They be all like “ah that program didn’t work for me…” even though they only gave it 2 days/week for 2 weeks… that’s called half-arsing it -don’t be that guy or girl…

I guarantee that if you commit to rocking up every single day for the next 8 weeks and doing what’s be programmed for you – you will become the strongest, most bad-ass version of yourself that has ever been.

The template

The template goes as follows:

  • Monday – strength + accessory work + short metcon
  • Tuesday – Gymnastics – technique + longer metcon (switching to Thursday every second week)
  • Wednesday – strength + accessory work + short metcon
  • Thursday – Oly work + mobility (switching to Tuesday every second week)
  • Friday – strength + accessory work + short metcon
  • Saturday – CF Benchmark or FUN

If you’re currently training 3 days/week I’d encourage you to step it up to 4 days/week – with a real emphasis on training on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays (our strength days) at the bare minimum.

We’ll be hitting gymnastics and the Olympic lifts on Tuesday and Thursdays each week – so if these are areas you’d also like to develop then make it 5 days/week and watch what happens – no seriously

While I’d encourage you to make daily training a non-negotiable for the next 8 weeks – I would encourage you to approach each session with a flexible outlook on how hard you’re going to hit it – eg. If you’re ever feeling beat down or stressed out from work or life – then dial it back to around 50-60%

If you’re sick – stay at home. get better and then get back into it when you’re ready. no one wants to work out next to a zombie


Good Nutrition supports: better health + better performance + body composition

Support your training with a diet that aids your recovery and promotes fat loss – If you’re unsure what you should be doing when it comes to fueling your body for performance, recovery and positive body compositional changes – please organise a nutritional consult with myself.

If you’ve got questions, comment below or send me a direct message 😉

Coach B

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