Meet the Members: Rebecca

Our latest Meet the Member interview with Rebecca Manning…


1. How long have you been with Adapt?
Almost 3 years. With a few holidays/breaks mixed in!

2. Favourite workout / exercise?
Clean and Jerk!
But I also really like handstand stuff. Enjoying handstand walking at the moment because I’m just starting to get it.

3. Least favourite workout / exercise?
Thrusters. I promise this was my answer before 16.5 haha! I think it all stems from a long term shoulder issue and thrusters just always seemed to flare it up. Plus they suck!

4. Best things in life: you like?… (eg. i like long walks on the beach etc)
Hanging out with family and friends – especially eating and walking with our fur babies 🙂

5. Favourite food / paleo food?
This is very difficult to answer. I like so many foods! Paleo food – good raw tuna yuuuum. Not so paleo – the rest of the sushi.

6. Favourite holiday destination/s?
I added the “s” to the question! Bora Bora has been my favourite place for a chill out holiday. Over-water bungalow, jet skis, snorkelling etc… don’t hate 🙂 Otherwise I loved Spain, crazy good food, cool architecture and culture.

7. Interesting fact about you?
I’m a Sonographer by trade so I pretty much look at peoples insides all day. I know where all your guts live!

8. What were you doing to get fit before you trained at Adapt?
PT with my sister and playing soccer. The PT we went to now does CrossFit 😉

9. Do you have any special or successful Adapt memories / moments?
My first Smash Clash in 2013 was pretty special, partnered with Nay Rose! Anyone who was there will remember the walls we had to climb over. I wasn’t sure if I was going to get over but I gave it a crack and ended up conquering it like three times!


I also got my very first chest to bar in open workout 14.2 with Coach Craig judging and coaching me through it. The atmosphere was awesome that day and I was so pumped, great memory!

10. What advice would you give to a new member at Adapt?
Having been around for a little while and having my share of injury I’d say listen to your body and pay it massive respect. Some days it might not want to come to the party and some days you’ll kick butt. Work really hard on technique and beautiful movement before you start putting the weight on and that includes all the little muscles that shouldn’t be forgotten. It will pay off in the long run.

Coach Becca

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