What is Movement 4?

What’s your take on movement?

If you’ve checked my instagram of late you may have noticed that I’ve been doing some things differently.

About 3 months ago I embarked on a journey to rehab my right shoulder injury using a predominantly gymnastics and calisthenics (bodyweight) style approach to training.

I’ve spent months away from a barbell doing lots of mobility work, hand balancing work, pull-ups, muscle-ups and animal style crawling movements – think: bear, monkey and froggers… It’s so kung-fu 😉

But here’s the crazy thing: When I recently picked up a barbell, I felt much stronger and more confident than before. I even did Fran and PR’d – so needless to say I was a pretty shocked?!

Less Barbells = More PRs?

I’ve been testing out this different style of training on myself and a couple of my PTs and I’d have to say that the results are undeniable – we’re spending far less time on a barbell and then PR’ing barbell based movements. We’re squatting deeper and experiencing significant gains across all of our pressing and pulling movements (HSPU, strict press, bench and weighted chins, strict pull-ups and muscle-ups!)

A bit over a month ago, I trekked up to Newcastle to attend a 2 day workshop with a the movement guru himself: Ido Portal. If you haven’t heard of Ido then all you really need to know is that he’s a total movement badass with a massive, cult-like following – Go search #movementculture on instagram and I’m sure you will see Ido or one of his students doing something crazy like one arm chin-ups and fish-hooks.

Ido’s message and philosophy challenges most people’s beliefs surrounding fitness and movement and helped me to realise that while CrossFit is an extremely effective methodology for developing a killer body and mind, there’s a whole lot more to (movement) than kipping pull-ups, box jumps and barbells.

You’ve changed Ben…

People have been asking “have you turned your back on CrossFit?” and the answer is of course not, CrossFit has changed my life and literally hundreds of people that have trained within the walls of Adapt.

I love CrossFit and still believe it’s one of the best ways to get on top of your fitness, develop your physical capacity and enhance your mental fortitude. It’s changed my body, my mindset and it’s gotten me to where I am today – Seriously, I love it.

I registered for this year’s CrossFit Open fully aware that I may not be able to perform every workout as prescribed but I love the fact that I get to be part of something so much bigger than myself and that I get to do it with all my #adaptcf peeps!

Where to from here: movement 4

Starting from the beginning of April I’ll be offering dedicated movement sessions in a small group PT environment.

More specifically, we will be following a bodyweight, gymnastic and calisthenic style movement based approach and I’ve decided to call it movement 4 “I shall call him… mini-me…” ~ Dr Evil

Why [Movement 4]? It’s not actually that fancy – Movement because we’re gonna do some moving and the number 4 because this is strictly limited to 4 people ONLY.

Over the course of 6 weeks you will train with me 3 times a week and while I’d strongly encourage you to keep on attending Adapt’s regular CrossFit classes, it’s certainly not a prerequisite. As a matter of fact, a membership with Adapt is not required at all.

There are however a couple of physical requirements needed to participate, these are: 5 strict chin-ups and 5 strict ring-dips (3/3 for females)


One of my clients: Sam Bettison (yes, our in-house Chiro) was kind enough to post some feedback on Facebook recently…

I’ve been doing PT with Ben Warren for about 4 months now. I started after our third child was born, and I could’t make it to the regular sessions at Adapt anymore. This year we’ve been focusing on bodyweight calisthenics and gymnastic skills – working towards some of the “party tricks” like muscle-ups, handstands, levers, etc… Doing so has pushed me to my limit in terms of my abilities and physical capacity.

The results have been beyond anything I could have imagined.

In just the space of four weeks, I have doubled my strict pull-ups, got a strict HSPU, improved my handstands, learnt how to control my pistols, and developed new skills I never thought I’d be able to do. I’ve also put on a stack of strength, dropped a chunk of weight (along with cleaning up my nutrition with the Whole Life Challenge) and I’m feeling so much better in my body and my life.

The really nice thing is that my PT sessions feel like play, not hard work. Ben keeps me motivated, makes it fun, and keeps changing what we’re doing so I’m constantly challenged and never bored. And a lot of my conventional lifts are improving too, particularly my upper body strength.

I would recommend this to anyone!

~ Sam

So that’s it – If you’d like to join my movement 4 team and take your physical capacity and movement prowess to the next level – give me a buzz on 0407900795 and I’ll see if I can help you out.

Stay Fit,
Coach & Owner

Adapt CrossFit

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