Meet the Members – Dhruv

We thought we would bring back our Meet the Members so you can all get to know each other a little better. Today, we interview Dhruv with 10 questions.


1: how long have you been with Adapt?
Been with Adapt since about August 2014. However, been coming regularly (4 or 5 times a week since October 2015.

2: Favourite workout / exercise?
I’m okay with pull-ups so anything with pull-ups! The Cindy WOD is a favourite (haven’t done it in the gym yet but have done it a few times in the park when I’ve missed a session).

3: Least favourite workout / exercise?
Since I am phenomenally agile and flexible (not) – overhead squats and snatches are what I dread. And since I come for the morning sessions before the WODs are published seeing these on the whiteboard result in me weighing up whether anyone will notice if I sneak out the door before the session starts…

4: Best things in life: you like…? (Eg. I like long walks in the beach etc)
Reading stuff about economics, travelling and sports (watching and playing).

5: Favourite food / paleo food?
Probably doesn’t qualify as paleo food but I like chickpea curry, spinach curry and milk (all mixed of course – not!). Love (cold) watermelon too!

6: Favourite holiday destination?
Thus far, Rajasthan in India. I’ve been back a few times to Rajasthan and love visiting all the ancient forts.

7: Interesting fact about you?
I am a bit of a nerd (as if the side-part and the love for statistics didn’t give it away…). I also have been booted out of a hotel to accommodate Naomi Campbell’s wish to throw a surprise birthday party for a her Russian billionaire boyfriend…

8: What were you doing to get fit before you joined Adapt?
Admiring my guns in the mirror and trying a pectoral jiggle that I saw someone do on tv.

9: Do you have any special or successful Adapt memories/moments?
Luckily I waited to complete 16.3 before doing these questions (until then it had been RXing a WOD called Helen). But now I’m going to say doing 16.3 RX* and then following that with a team WOD where I did a rope climb on my first ever attempt. I’m participating in an Open for the first time and I was secretly hoping to RX one WOD!

* If you’re trying to imagine what my bar muscle-ups looked like then search for videos of Rich Froning doing bar muscle ups. Then forget that image and imagine what a tree-frog hanging from a tree branch looks like….


10: What advice would you give to a new member at Adapt?
Consistency! I’ve been a member for more than a year but have only started coming regularly since October 2015. It is only since then that I have started seeing major results (in terms of strength and even, dare I say it, flexibility). Food matters too! Eating right makes a big difference (especially if you’re a vegetarian!).

Coach Becca

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