What gear do I need to be a “real” CrossFitter?



So, I’ve started CrossFitting – What do I need?

It’s been fun to watch the transition from Nano’s to Metcon’s in the box over the past few months. Or the clothes we wear revolving through the latest in Reebok and Lululemon. Which leads to a question – What gear do I need to be a ‘real’ CrossFitter?

The short answer is nothing. Really, all you need is a water bottle and a towel. When I first started out, I wore old trainers, and running gear I already owned.
You will see more improvements in your performance from training consistently and eating well than having a bag full of expensive gear.

Having said that, there are a few things I have picked up over the years. I find you really benefit from 4-way stretch shorts. At a minimum, you need some form of stretch in your shorts, because no one wants a blow-out when squatting heavy. Other than that, a T-shirt and a pair of shoes with a solid sole. This is where Metcons and Nanos come into their own, as they are specifically designed for CrossFit. If you don’t want to be like everybody else, you could go with Inov8’s, Onisuka Tigers, Chucks or Vans. Steer clear of shoes with cushioning in the heel, as they lead to instability when lifting.

Do you need Oly shoes, a weightlifting belt, pull-up grips, gloves, knee sleeves, wrist straps, Rocktape in every colour and your own private chalk supply? No. Does it help to have this gear? Maybe. Should you use it all the time? No. You want to avoid becoming dependant on your gear, and having to run and change from your box jump shoes to your wall ball shoes and back again (*Cough, cough, Nick…*)

So, what do I have in my King Kong bag? Far too much really….
2 jump ropes, cut to suit me (Trust me it does make a difference to how well you skip. If it is too short, you’ll trip. Too long, and you will gas out really fast)
Pull-up grips (which I never use)
Pair of knee sleeves (which I rarely use)
4 pairs of wrist wraps (for overhead squatting and occasionally heavy snatches)
Rocktape (to tape my thumbs more than anything else…)
Weightlifting belt (only use for max lifts and big sets)
Metcons (shoes)
Oly shoes
Mobility balls
Spare shirt
Spare socks (these come in handy more than you would think!)
Water bottle

If you are in the market for CrossFit gear first thing on your list should be a good pair of shoes. We spend a lot of time under the barbell and they will make a big difference.

Coach Rosey

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