What is the CrossFit Open and why should you do it?


The CrossFit Open is a worldwide event that runs over a 5 week period…

There are 5 workouts in total, with one workout to complete each week. There is an RX’d workout and a Scaled workout so there is something that everyone can do.

CrossFit boxes around the world have their members participate in this greater community event. For some people this is the pathway to the CrossFit Regionals and beyond – to the CrossFit Games but for most people, it’s just about being a part of something bigger.

It’s about community.
It’s about having a go.
It’s about challenging yourself.

I hear you say – but, i’m not a competitive person. That’s okay. You don’t have to be competitive to sign up and be a part of this. You sign up because you do CrossFit. This is the biggest thing CrossFit as a community will do together.

At Adapt CrossFit we will make these Open WODs our Saturday sessions – so everyone who trains on Saturday will get to experience the workouts.

All of our current programming is focused around movements and workouts that will be in the Open. You may not have realised this, but you are already prepping for it.

This is all about discovering what you’re capable of and realising that you can do way more than you thought you could.

I’ve seen and heard story after story of people all around the world, signing up for the Open and going on to surprise themselves. It didn’t matter their size, shape or level of fitness, they still had a go and lived to tell a tale.

The following article: Transforming Average Joes into Athletes was written about Adapt CrossFit during the 2013 CrossFit Open. Please Read it because the same still applies today.

We love our members (you) and you definitely want you to experience this.

How to register for the Open

Head over to the Games website and register (or log in if you competed last year). Pay your $20 fee online. (This is great value for a 5 week event). Select Adapt CrossFit as your affiliate (we’re the first one listed) and we can add you as part of the Adapt One team.

As always if you have any questions please chat to a Coach, flick us a message or give us a buzz.

~ Coach Becca

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